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Aug 2013
It's pressing into my chest with a weight that is stronger than my own and my thoughts are running in circles, shouting in a language I don't even know

Something is ripping at my chest
       Picking it to pieces
Forcing my spirit into a state of brokenness

I don't know what it is but it hurts with the intensity of a raging fire and it's consuming my bones
My thoughts

My plans

My feelings

Flames licking up every sense of security or understanding
I feel lost with no sense of direction and zero understanding of this place in which I am trapped.
I'm longing for something,


To understand
To know me and to be known by me
But there is no name
No face
Nothing to link me to this person, this person who I am already very much in love with

And I'm realizing that all of this confusion and ache
Is plaguing me simply because I haven't met you yet
I haven't met the one who fits perfectly with who I am
                           I haven't met you
                     I don't know your name
                          Or your face but

My whole being is continuously calling for you
Wanting you
I guess the point of all this rambling is just to convey that I miss you desperately, even though I don't know your name

And I want to promise you that I'm going to wait for you
And not settle for less than all I know that you will be,
I will not settle for less than the beauty of being with the one He has designed for me.

So no matter how hard it gets to resist the temptation, I'm promising you this now. I promise you that            I'm waiting.
And I'm hoping, that somewhere out there, you are promising this very same thing to me.
Victoria S
Written by
Victoria S  PNW
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