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Apr 2021
Endless list of things
I'm waiting for ***** to give about
I only have one **** to give
With my chin up
**** out
***** on the table
I'm ready
So call my spongebob
This new chapter I have yet to write
I'm going to **** it
Head first into the dirt
No more self abuse
Belittling every action
Contemplating what I thought
Was my only way out
Reality had to slap me in the face
Give me more reasons
Not to doubt my potential
Somehow I've moved forward
Without realizing I did
I'm close to checkmate
But that's before the semifinals
I'll probably lose somewhere
Life has a winning streak too
**** it
I'm not sweating it
There is a green pasture
I'm watering to make greener
Might not be within eyesight
I just know it's there
Like every great masterpiece
From all my favorite artist
No one saw what they did
Till it was finished
Once unveiled it was breathtaking
I'm in a happier place. Some minor things I feel I could improve and in time I'll make those moves. I'm truly taking it one day at a time. Focusing on the greatest things I have to be thankful for. No procrastinating my self evaluation, no fornicating with laziness, just pure acceptance that where I'm at can always be in a better spot and getting there is harder than it seems. Patience, either your greatest strength or biggest weakness, you decide how much you have and how much you need when making those vital decisions. Eh I'm on a rant. More poetry to come stay tune.
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
   Imran Islam
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