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Mar 26
An end to the narcissistic pandemic
the virus traveling through minds by spending time brooding and breeding
conjugal visits in the prison of our beliefs
momentary reprief, no release
cyclical values of devaluing Self
A false step makes a false thought and false words fall out
unbridled contagion in a naricisstic hive mind
spreading with allowance and acceptance
a lie brought close and held most dear.
It's not death, but life they fear.
A life without limitation, full of imagination,
reciprocal validation as life begets life
A seed planted deep in the mud
gathering sun and rain and earth into its heart
moving out in steady and even increments
The most contagious of ailments
Nearly 8 billion people full of life
full of breath and grown like a seed from the mud
trying so hard to stop the burning star they are
Failing every day as they breathe and be
All the beliefs and all the wrongdoing
can't stop them from living
can't stop life from living without them
One way or another, an end to the narcissistic pandemic
Written by
Diverse TV
         vb, Brett, Adaley June and Pradip Chattopadhyay
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