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Adaley June May 30
turned around and
met it again
so I made a sign
to remind myself
then ran it over
hand on the wheel
head in the backseat
not listening
singing, crying, flying
elated to be alive
and simultaneously dying
driving down the most beautiful
dead end
no signage could stop
the obsession
attempts at redirection were futile
the destination stayed the same
I changed
lost my heart
on the side of the road
blew right out the window
with a speeding ticket
I never recovered
the dead end took everything I had
and said it wasn't enough
I was stupid to call that love
Adaley June May 27
you should regret
the arm that kept
her love at bay
like stay the **** away
you never even spent a day
with her
all she has is midnight memories
where you melted her down
and cast something cheap
just to keep
her pure gold for your trophy
someday you'll think
about the girl you never knew
because you were too afraid to
be seen by the light of day
god forbid she love you
from a distance
your arm's length to be exact
kept your dignity intact
she never cared about that
never got anything back
she'd send you pictures, poems
say you missed a good time
but ya didn't miss ****
cause you only exist
as a figment
here for a minute
then gone galloping
through the wilderness
of some poor girl's imagining
until one day
she stops dreaming
Adaley June May 25
I'll mail the book I wrote for you
and you can start a fire with it
my paper heart is merely tinder to
my greatest muse and critic
Adaley June May 21
there's really nothing left
of you or us
or whatever it was
I felt it roll over in my gut
and relinquish control

I survived it all
your face, my fall
even bullets
I took your *******
and spun gold

your silence doesn't hurt me anymore
I wish on stars for brighter things
than you
half *** hero
in an oversized costume

you'll grow into it someday
burst out of a phone booth cocoon
and rescue your Lois Lane
not me
you won't remember my name
Adaley June May 16
I love you like a wildflower
I don't wanna pluck & watch wilt
stretch toward the sun
dance in the breeze
feel the rain on your leaves
and grow as tall as you please

I wanna grow wild with you
drink of the morning dew
ever bending for a glance
reaching for a chance
to touch your roots
be loved by you

but you judge me
for breaking all the rules
just to please you
come when you call, so I'm easy
like it in the ***, so I'm trash
had *** the second time we met

cause ya ripped my pants & I was wet
so I'm just a **** at best
penalized for always saying yes
and all the ***** fun things we try
are your very reasons why
I'm not worthy to be your wife

death by double edged blade
still, I sit pretty in this glade
waiting to be summoned
for some semblance of it
this thing I call love
you might be void of
Adaley June May 13
I won't always be in love with you
take it while you can
every chip on the table
reckless bet on a losing hand
some say it isn't worth it
but they're not in like flin
I'm learning to be fearless
for a future I can only imagine
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