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To the boy of the abyss
I wrote a poem short enough
For your attention span
And it goes like this:
Everything I ever wanted
Standing there in one man
Kissed me like dynamite
Lit the fuse and ran
I love summer Mondays, there's always a little sand in my tea from the beach, reminding me of the waves, how they crest and crash, reach and retreat, much like the weekend following the week.

I love driving east, ever dreaming of the boy who lived there in the house of the rising sun, how I long to see him, oh how far I'd run.

My days have stretched out like old leathered skin, weathered by a lifetime of primetime exposure with an SPF aversion.

My nights have grown as wide as the sky, painted with lovers' folklore, spackled with fireflies, oh how I wish to kiss Cassiopeia and join the echelon of light.
Adaley June Jul 24
As long as he exists
I know what not to miss
How desperate I was
For his empty kiss
The magic was just me
Weaving a fantasy
Bulldozing by
All his red threaded lies
I keep wishing
I was one of the guys
With their fancy muscles
And bedroom eyes
Things would be different
We’d be peers
Ride bikes, shoot ****
Crack cold beers
There’d be respect
Genuine friendship
I wouldn’t degrade myself
To support his ego trip
Because of him I know
When it’s time to let go
Crispy leaves cling on for dear life
Branches fling them below
Here in the last warm breeze
Arms like wings, I breathe
And accept the love I’m given
Exhale, release
September 2019
Adaley June Jul 24
As long as he exists
I’ll never settle
My fate was sealed
By the gods that meddle
Heard them snicker
Cutting the brakes
So I took off running
Raised the stakes
They deemed me unworthy of love
Only pleasure
Broke my leg twice in one month
For good measure
Here in the last warm sunshine
Last chance for a good time
We’re 87 miles apart
And the blade is sharp
I should be skinny dipping in the pond
Dancing around the fire
Sitting in his lap
In love, inspired
Instead, I’m always tired
And my heart is ruined
I knew this would happen
The moment I met him
Even the stars pale in comparison
Now all that’s left of me
Is memory
Another hollow heroine
September 2019
Adaley June Jun 22
Shrink yourself down to wifey size
Bottle blond, apron on, blue eyes
Come on, get happy, get thinner
Winners eat chicken dinner
Just throw it up after
Pick up all his hobbies
Guns and motors and sports on tv
Wear his favorite jersey
Be bold, be coy, be a super *** toy
Paint yourself a wallflower
That only blooms at night
In his bed, in his arms
Where everything is right
Be the life of the party
Laugh pretty hahaha ok stop
Stroke his ego
Be a background prop
So slender so slim
Yet voluptuous with perfect skin
Be independent
Bring him jars to open
With his manly muscles
Leave your opinion unspoken
Adaley June Jun 22
Wish I was your fantasy
fresh off the school bus
tall socks, plaid skirt
tight untainted ****

I'd be hollow in the head
mannequin with no feeling
here to bolster your manhood
and worship you kneeling

Materialize at your door
any ******* hour you please
play coy then **** like a **** star
vanish the moment you release
Adaley June Jun 21
All these years searching
finally found my missing sock
the perfect pair
or so I thought

Holes in the soles
and my hues have aged
his threads are pristine
and too cool to be caged

He kissed me anyway
took me for a twist
ignored the little voice
that told me to resist

I wrinkle in peace now
my socksy days are done
he'll meet his match
bright and tightly spun
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