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Mar 2021
It's "him" this
So many more "him" that
Bickering of the way
He often treats you
But around me
I see you glow
Smiling without saying a word
As if it were natural
That my presence is amusing
You'll kiss me
Acknowledging feelings
You can't hide from me
When they're identical to mine
Yet still run off
Chase a dream you think you'll achieve
With "him" as the designated driver
I get it though
"He" has the looks
The frame and build
I'm nothing to compete with
A simple scoff
Not trying to measure up
Just tell me why my heart
Becomes your playdough
You play with
When things get rocky
I try to hold on
Just so you'll play more
Back in the container I go
Whenever "he" calls
Or decides your worth coming back to
I'd rather you throw me in the trash
Donate me to someone else
Than keep me in the dark
Hoping you'll mold me
Back into the happiest man
Even if it is just for a minute
Seeing your eyes light up
Smile gain life
I know being happy is scary
But this sadness is tiring
Either the sadness goes or the fear
One has to end
Before it's too late
For us to play together ever again
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
   Imran Islam
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