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Mar 2021
If I start to tell a story
you’ve heard before,
you just let me know.

I’ve told that one before,
that’s right,
and I’m gonna tell it again.

So, in the quantum world
we well may be a hologram.

A black hol-ogram.

Each time I pose for a selfie,
I wonder
where all the information
could have gone.

The black hole-as(s)-hologram…
Living on the boundary…
The camera failing to capture my whole head.

Sometimes I realize
I’ve told it before,
but just think,
“F**k it.”
Then I just tell it again.

I think
it’s a combination of poor memory
and not having learned much lately.

In all of recorded human history,
that has never occurred.

It’s amazing how easy it is
to sound profound
by stringing a bunch of unrelated words
leonard zinovyev
Written by
leonard zinovyev  40
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