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I gave you my attention and you gave it straight back to me.such a fool I fell for it..cos I always want what I can’t have.
The amount I hate myself isn’t healthy.

I took sometime away from the commenting because I was only in it to hurt myself just a little more. It was a game ..a very dangerous game.

Trying to do sober January on day seven..
It’s hard when being lock up in this house,with these days just slip away 7 days a week

I got hooked on hopeless feelings
I just wanted to feel loved even if it was for only a brief moment... I confess I’m only hanging on by a thin thread some days.

Then getting the pain just slaps you in the face.
Because you’re not good enough or got the face of those pretty people.
Here’s to the hopeless floating around , not having anywhere to go.

You’ll never see this so it’s okay to post this..
Written by
   Ms Anjaan
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