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Jan 2021
love, what does it good for?
I'm searching for the enthrals
I've been dying...
I've been falling...
deep in the abyss of faded loves

hurt, ain't that what we all feel?
a small price to pay for a living in return
I think that bad comes in tides
cascading through the walls
and tarnish what's already broken inside

longing, longing, I've been waiting for you
sipping, drinking, sleeping
from the dawn till afternoon
u can take all the time you want to come here
'cause I'm numb, yeah all this pain now,
is what I'm used to
and by the time you knock,
I'd be so far away from home,
who knows after all this time,
it's not that hard
to find the joy in dancing alone

thrilling feeling reeling through the ceiling
I've been feeling lesser of a human being
I know I should be myself,
but I'm still tryna figure out
who the hell is she
hope she doesn't sing
the same anthem as me
or act as if she's some kind of
mystical canary

it's 4 am
I'm deluding again
I try to try to be sane
is haunting me again
is daunting me again
is spinning me
out of the orbit
too far to catch up with,
lying on this concrete still

maybe this is all just a dream.
Written by
izzn  21/F
     Sk Abdul Aziz and Traveler
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