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Nov 2020
You see I want to hurt somebody
Punch them in the face
But that is not what I want to do
Because I am nice
You see I see people flying around
Over into outer space
You see I feel like yelling at everyone
If they get in my fucken way
You see dad flies around me
My brother is flying around with him
And I am hating every minute of it
I want to sing in a fun singing group
I want to learn video streaming
That will be fun
I would like to just relax
And not feel like anxiety is pushing down on me
I am watching shameless at the moment
Learning about how poor people really suffer
I don’t give money to poor people anymore
I just use my atm card
No I think people expect something for nothing
Something for fucken nothing
I feel like I am being treated like an alcoholic criminal who is having a hard life
I love to ave a beer with Benny
Yes I will fucken drink with him
I will drink on moderation mate
And get really drunk with someone whose slim
Yes I am cool
The coolest dude oh yeah
I love to have a beer with Benny
Yes that’ll be real ace
You see I feel like I am being pushed through my arms to go to the psych ward
I don’t want to end up there at all
Written by
johnny georgy brown
   Jeremy Stacy
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