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It was the most disappointed I had ever been
as I felt the compression pulling from within  
I stood completely unaware as the phone rang and I held a stare, while riddles of despair were presented by the playing
of a fiddle that ensnared
I peered little by little into the middle of nowhere
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I’m disappointed in you, you don’t want my well being
I tell from the glare cast down, from the view that your seeing
Instagram jstpoetry
My head feels heavy, it’s cluttered with thoughts
like lead that’s been covered from the mistrust that you’ve brought
Instagram jstpoetry
You assume I’ll miss the feeling of knowing what’s missing
but I’ll choose the thrilling bliss of ignorance at my wishing
Instagram jstpoetry
I hate to say goodbye to the melancholy
but I burst from inside by the swell of the calling
as I expel from the dwell of the appalling stalling
I rise via floating instead of banal falling
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You’re the archer and I’m the arrow
embracing concisely the aim viewed towards the sparrow
you pull back precisely shooting through spaces that are narrow
Instagram jstpoetry
She’ll take you straight to pain
all that running away was in vain
lying today dealing with the strain
you’ll see the light that you can gain
Instagram jstpoetry
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