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Hello mellow evening,
my morning stress will be leaving

I needed a reclining chairs intervening,
a long stare into the air for relieving,
a relax and stop to the conceiving,
that my life’s an underachieving,
a new way to start perceiving,  
life’s apparent meaning
I really find perspective,
interesting to see
Clearly the most reflective,
of our own reality
Worry me,
sell me cures for my insecurities,
ensure that it works with obscurity,
and oh!
do it hurriedly, tell me prior to maturity
The magic he forced it to emit,
the wand of the forest sorcerous,
a chorus sung by birds burst forth from it
It’s so cost demanding,
keeping track of time,
I need energy for expanding,
this curious mind of mine
Rotation moves and forces it,
the winds shaping a clouds metamorphosis
It’s a high price to pay for your cake to baked within an hour today
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