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Nov 2020
everyone writes about the november light
how soothing
how bright
but here it was
waking a ****** at 3 pm
how nice

he slept at the couch since the living room's darker
he slept a good 14 hours
because of the tablets
in his head he's been sleeping
since september
a noisy september
gave him nothing but fatigue
and the torrents of storms
and streetcars
he closed his eyes as the rain put him to sleep
without any care
as to when he's going to wake up

but he awoke at november
and the gloom was tinted
by the afternoon
he ate his breakfast
his housemate's lunch
he retched at the toilet floor an hour after
his day was going swimmingly

he expected nothing better
than the last few minutes
waking up
hating the open aperture of
his godforsaken eyes
and all he craved was a smoke
so he went outside
and for once
it was quiet
it was nice
the sun brightened the shadows
of the apartments of a cul de sac
the clouds littered a soft blue void
a softness he hasn't seen
since god knows when
the air stank well
the roads
filled not with cars
but with critters
both human and not
and the sunlight
not the harshness of april
nor the woe of june
but a caress
like the warm embrace of a lover
whose heat never went out
when darkness fell

and for once
for a very long time
it was quiet
it was nice
Written by
a name
     Kat, CZ, Flatfielder and Sparkle in Wisdom
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