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Sep 2020
empty and broken
but you never noticed
how quickly I was falling apart

didn't wanna open my eyes
you couldn't open your heart
was I asking too much?

late-night talks
wondering what I did wrong
always felt like a **** up
finally thought I found the right one
but I guess I ****** up there too
shoulda known we were too good to be true

all you ever did was ignore me
so i tried to drink the pain away
swear i tried to fix the problem
all it did was turn me into an alcoholic

i just wanted to feel good, with you by my side
but all you ever did was make me cry

you couldn't decide what you wanted
why'd i have to get caught up in all of it?

i don't want to be broken anymore
loving you shouldn't feel like a chore
constantly looking for excuses
didnt help heal the bruises
left on my heart

i just wanna feel good
get you out of my mind
never wanna be that blind
Written by
jas  26/F/texas
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