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Jul 2013
Under the weight of sins all collective
Seeking from guilts deep,refuge divine
Forsaking daily conscientious angels hearty,
Rushed in multitudes I to Gods Almighty
On mountains highest and valleys deepest,
Heeding not,his part am I,in me He is and
I but am a pilgrim, from death to birth last,
Every instant, in moments each till eternity
Bonded divine,here or there,in time and space.

Rendered incapable were they all,mute
Under the burden heavy of my sins unthought,
Watching impassive as the mountains fell
The rivers rose,very earth in fury collapsed
Swallowing,burying my sins for a beginning anew.
*-Some thoughts recorded after a huge tragedy involving pilgrims in the Himalayan places of pilgrimage in my country*
Niranjana Chelur-The Hermit
Written by
Niranjana Chelur-The Hermit  Here and There
(Here and There)   
   CA Guilfoyle, Prabhu Iyer and AJ
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