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Aug 2014 · 538
Slow, oh my mind jumping,
Watch the heart that's feeling
A soul which isn't just following.
Aug 2014 · 838
An Evolution Divine.
how a glutton hearty turns a hermit lean
a bully back thumping to a sage hand folded
unresting motor mouth to an understanding silent
busy brain frenzied to a deep contemplation calm
mentality moronic sick to a pool placid of balm
springy intent violent to a relaxed peace uncoiled
hates grey many undefined to one love united
mind monkeys warring to peaceful doves flying
a black heart fissured now encompassing all open
O divinity fill me till I'm nothing of here anymore!
Jul 2014 · 726
Silken Threads Fragile.
So fine and fragile those threads silken
Weaving together hearts, minds and souls.
Unseen, unvalued, felt but in silences deep
A cloak royal of Humanity worn always proud.

Divine can they be, of love human so tangible
of honor and dignity intrinsic to all proffered.
Still do we stretch and tear, malign that finesse
Till they are but tatters and even remnants no more.
Existence wreaked accidental,by clashes chromosomal
Unplanned, a journey Serpentine,winding, unmapped,
tortuously Human? unwinding unknown child to man,
Unconscious mostly,Intuitively grasping occasional, failing
Still, the miracle of it all, just burying my head in existence.
Material-objective-isms,passions many pursued
Grey matter conditioned,chiselled, downgraded,
I am an affordable success of my evening malts
Unwondering,unmiraculous,strsightjacketed daily
By numbers plastic,jobs hated,sensitivities ignored.
Now as I see you Rains,sunrises,sunsets,the sea and waves
The stars, you my street musician, with urchins dancing around.
Some coiled humanity springs forth again and makes me grasp
The divine miracle, again momentary! with a full heart and tears
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
A Miracle.
The travails of life endured
Ecstasies' nectars drunk full
Ever-present an undercurrent
Of wonder, marvel at this state
Of impermanence,that emanates still
An eternity somehow, unmindful of
The reapers sword grim! What miracle!
Jan 2014 · 1.2k
The chalice golden Am I for a wine ancient
Containing ever the sacred intoxication high
Of life,existence, a procreator genius of genesis.
Wearing bikinis sexily scant,or clad fully,
I am a mother, a sister, a friend and a lover.
An enigma am I,of possession incapable,
By minds, bodies, louts or even men noble,
Being oppressed, I live free in that place divine
Unknown to power, pelf and brains crazed.
I laugh O men and smile sardonic inward
At your strengths so mightily Herculean
Desiring my feet and secrets of the Heart
Beyond you am I,your gazes greedy and
Temporary prowesses all assumed false,
My world a paradox,life a walk that talks,
Of little sensitive things full of wisdom old.
Nobly loving yet abused, worshipped reverent,
Yet beaten, *****, exploited,I shall ever be proud,
Rising as the phoenix, as a mother earth kind,
Toned lithe,creased ancient,ever more powerful.
And flowing like a river I become the ocean.
Hold me still without a desire, unpossessive,
Then my love may touch you ever so briefly.
Dec 2013 · 4.3k
O,Thou lands lovely afar, across
Those blue oceans,gleaming deep
Odd shapes in my old atlas torn,
Gazed wistful at, dreamt longingly
Of honeyed milks and coffers rich.
Having now made you mine by mind,
Heart,Faith and an allegiance soulful
I kiss your Earth, breathe in the Air,
Tasting somehow the same as a yearning
For the motherland quit so long ago.
Dec 2013 · 1.3k
Sweeping Nirvaana!
My reveling friends having left,
As I sweep a home disheveled,
The aim a single minded cleaning,
Reaching that nook and this corner
Found are nuggets physical, forgotten,
A pearl from a necklace torn,dusty
and hidden,A scrap from a letter of love.
As the dirt is ****** out, as sets in order
Somehow even the mind gets orderly,
Cleansed,My focus singular to catharsize
the physical,strangely turning spiritual,
Into a nirvana just sweeping!
Atop the hills,in buzzing markets
In rains lashing, hot suns blazing
frozen in snow,in the crowds lonely
stoic in revelries great and griefs deep
amidst loves transient,******* flimsy
moving on impervious, unattached,
shedding skins acquired,a meditating
spirit benevolent to all, even to evil but
scorning,fighting,rejecting for lights newer,
seeking an unknown,never knowing true,
of its being,but for a sliver burning,blazing
in a nook soulful,engulfing slowly of me all
driving,undying, propelling me ever on,
to that unknown,that's seeking me too!
Oct 2013 · 633
Zipping around in circles of
My life,my work,my minds
That one drink with you lovly friend,
Holds none barred,unsaid nothing
A final clasp, a brief goodbye hug!
No time to linger,everything to cherish,
With a heart fuller,a mind by far richer
I rush to an iron bird to fly away far
Thank you for the fire undying,Bless you,
For that a moment stolen from Time!
Under the weight of sins all collective
Seeking from guilts deep,refuge divine
Forsaking daily conscientious angels hearty,
Rushed in multitudes I to Gods Almighty
On mountains highest and valleys deepest,
Heeding not,his part am I,in me He is and
I but am a pilgrim, from death to birth last,
Every instant, in moments each till eternity
Bonded divine,here or there,in time and space.

Rendered incapable were they all,mute
Under the burden heavy of my sins unthought,
Watching impassive as the mountains fell
The rivers rose,very earth in fury collapsed
Swallowing,burying my sins for a beginning anew.
*-Some thoughts recorded after a huge tragedy involving pilgrims in the Himalayan places of pilgrimage in my country*
Jul 2013 · 1.5k
As I Evolve.
as i did evolve
aware some how
of things working
beyond, uncontrolled
in some matrix still,
demons became angels
then the giants, pygmies
all evil unharming,fazed
the least humanity a guru
from some faith undefined,
aware still,blessed,I evolve!
Different breeds of the same very greed
Variant creeds many of the desire same
Different loves, heart the same so very lame,
Thoughts many from a brain conditioned.
It isn't me...Am I what when that YOU divine
Teases,taunts,cajoles me and short circuits
This circle vicious, cycle of lives and thoughts?
Then verily am I a soul unbonded and Free,
Living constant with possibilities all unbound.
Jul 2013 · 692
Love Highest.
Out ripped far long back that Love,
from the blood very of a heart pulsing
with the seed noblest, as ash dispersed
then in a cosmic whole,returns now often
in the very air I breathe,multiplied
at your feet manifold
stronger,gentler yet,
I now accept term-less.
"During" of all is death maybe,
Precious life being rare so amidst.
In idle boredoms long,innocuous,fewer
The inspirations kindling sharp and deep.
Many aimless wanderings wide, hectic
Not often the calm,lucid moments, still.
Much talks cheap, too many words tripe
Silences creative but few,that flower pretty.
In an enduring numbness and sadness real
Lesser those loves true, uniquely outstanding.
In pains purposeless,cruelties dealt heartless
Present ever fewer,those angels of mercy.
In epic text heavenly,wise sermons long,
Rare that one lovely poem focused strong.
If only durings were lived, aware positive!
O angels,bless us with life more,meaningful
During lives NOW,for sliding are we all fast,
alive,dead senseless,to a death final and futile!
Spaces  all the same,dimensions but different
Ideas the very same rushing in to fill voids old
From heads stuffed of past Imitations dead
Straight walls ever rising up,closing places free
Square,stiff,solid,regurgitating hard, spirits staid
The same colors but in different places, limited,
sick,drained of mind,with an empty soul I wept
Dear innovation creative where are you my angel?
Staring at space blank unchained to past I pondered
The angels  came unannounced unknowing softly,
rushing to a heart,empty of mind,surrendered to an intent pure,
Dancing,guiding unfettered,intuitively fantastic,instinctively right
The walls falling away,squares smoothing to curves ****
New visions exciting,opening to vistas of unknown hues wondrous
That very dead space now alive,conducting,guiding a design philharmonic
"I" was but a medium,absorbing,directing flashes from unknown
Driven in a flash flood of euphoria unknowing, to an ocean creative
Knowing not what unchained me,setting me free for that Destiny fine,
Of Innovation. May be love or despair,whatever, Divinity came.
Jun 2013 · 963
Roots all are but in earth fixed
Blind,groping,for succor hungry
Aimless,embraced soiled,underground.
No longer hunger do I for mine now
History its to be rooted,death untimely,
Being rotten,eaten dryly weak,rejected
Let me be that airy tree fairy,breathing green
Spreading wings,feeding airs joyous,free,
Or a carcass dead,by mothers all deserted,
By nature connected, still life and beautiful!
Even now as I live, sing and paint
Eat drink, love and make merry
Wondering of my source, roots unknown
Aware of this body and the world transient
A pushing soul ever screaming for good
A mind pondering of my seed and state
A million eons past,zillions more in future.


Still tempted by flesh, corrupted in greed
overcome by the same transience perceived
When the universe expanded shrinks fast
To an atom, a silent sound unheard by earth
I am just bony dust in a star afar dead again
Do I matter? yes I am here and I am now, mindful
Of right and so UN-scared of death,the seed of life
I live paint and sing,for my place on the star afar dead!

Now a flowing air wise signs on waters streaming,
pouring forth from the pitcher of wisdom anew,
ever full undrunk,instinctive of human absolutes all.
Gods,men,minds all uranian battling calm,now futile,
But knowing,caring, grasping,fathoming, conquering
tidings evil of powered souls unholy,uncaring deliberate.
Searing lightning flashes of intellects just,truly intuitive
burning stiff coffined conventions,dry dead rules of yore
melting old cold solid knowledge cruel of Draco obsolete
to humane rivers gently righteous, of merciful hearts
ripping away ways human sordid and corroded deep
repaving with light golden love those roads to hearts.
is it enough I wonder, have we become naturalized?

Lovers share a sacred decree –
to seek the Beloved.
They roll head over heels,
rushing toward the Beautiful One
like a torrent of water.

In truth, everyone is a shadow of the Beloved –
Our seeking is His seeking,
Our words are His words.

At times we flow toward the Beloved
like a dancing stream.
At times we are still water
held in His pitcher.
At times we boil in a ***
turning to vapor –
that is the job of the Beloved.

He breathes into my ear
until my soul
takes on His fragrance.
He is the soul of my soul –
How can I escape?
But why would any soul in this world
want to escape from the Beloved?

He will melt your pride
making you thin as a strand of hair,
Yet do not trade, even for both worlds,
One strand of His hair.

We search for Him here and there
while looking right at Him.
Sitting by His side we ask,
“O Beloved, where is the Beloved?”

Enough with such questions! –
Let silence take you to the core of life.

All your talk is worthless
When compared to one whisper
of the Beloved.

Ode 442 trans. by Jonathan Star and Shahram Shiva
A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi


(Rumi Poetry)          (Rumi)
*-Found this gem by the mystical master in a labyrinthine corner of the web. All credits and thanks to the translators who put it there and cared!!.-MAX CHELUR.
May 2013 · 1.8k
Those shiny words in deep dreams meaningful
Dancing freely,calling for that song so beautiful
Adorned and set fine in the myriad web sub mental
Then killed as I wake, to you dear life real ******
A trailing deja vu of feelings finest found,now lost,
Those pearls stringed perfect smooth and shiny then
A noose now unseen choking,tight around my throat silent.
Feb 2013 · 740
Living In Our Souls.
hard wisdom gained unclear, now hazy
joys of lives scarred lived full and beautiful
the love,knowledge unknown an Iron curtain.
live ever did I from
some core of being
with you and myself
hoping you did too.
were we zombies
just living in our souls?
Feeling you oh my world unjust
from matter grey growing old.

intellect chaotic in cruelty killed
mercies all dead in hearts chilled
for morsels of humanity,ravenous.
with tidbits of graces small ecstatic.

despaired for a dreamy mirage afar
in flaming greed's do I slowly char.

smoky guns rattle dealing out ******
whining chainsaws balding green all
very wombs earthy tremble with nukes
elements all so impure,one just pukes 
men in name only **** with rebukes.
all of us many brutalize one world just!

flowing from nooks of a spirit noble
my tears, moistening heart,well in eyes
unseeing and drop silently on earth ******.
Feb 2013 · 1.3k
Zero Karma.
On life cycles so inexorable
reacting equal and opposite
soft whispered lovely nothings
reach a shrieking crescendo high
of love in discord, pains embraced
hard wealth disappearing stealthy
expectations all ebbing out softly
as all vibes positive flood the heads
of a few so little,plain outnumbered
a grand empty nothing filling being
sum total of thoughts and actions
all come to naught just letting go,
now living the life of a Zero Karma.
The wanderers lips chapped thirsty
peeled and parched in deserts inhuman
of love bereft,sought hard but unfound!
a search on legs last,romance unfazed,
for that mirage shimmering hazily afar
of her eyes, face and lips softly smiling.
so dear once,long abandoned in betrayal.
a heartfull of love unrelinquished still,
throbbing unforgotten in existence skeletal
pausing for breaths last, a hoping soul numb,
now sighting that luscious red neon cherry
the glossy round O of Marylin the pretty
a wan smile just, of a small solace strange
lit up on a face entreating so desperate.
paving happily the deaths way at last
blown in the wind final,an abstract kiss.
A seedling tiny of good remembered still
transformed uniform in vastness wavering
roots small of succor turn trunks huge sprouting
back from joys earthy,seeking skies many above
rejoined both, re rooted in mother earth eagerly,
hands and feet merged indistinguishably stoic
in an existence pure, to one being impervious.
a sapling soft now time twisted,gnarled,knotted
to an entity unique, massive of heart fused in soul
then just a being existing simply as one ordained so
by time!

sweet birds in me sing
on me your kids swing
around me in a ring
the gods now impinge
to them maidens cling
for a nice manly thing
under my cool wing
do elders advices bring
I amidst stand like a king
impassive to everything!

*A thought in my mind as I see the ancient tree in my village."Hemmara" in my native language of Karnataka, a state in India, means literally an ancient and massive tree.Normally and in some mysterious way this invariably will be a Banyan tree in the village center which has its roots growing out of the earth and joining the branches and branches stooping down and joining the earth to become roots! Around the tree over time idols of innumerable Gods spring up,Elders convene and advise the folk,kids play and village belles flock to pray for a good husband!!
Feb 2013 · 1.1k
Sacred,Only Faith.
Have faith just!
in what pray,you
might ask well,
not in long lines
of devotion fervent
neither crowded pilgrims
beseeching bending
breast beating timely
for gods uncaring.
never in sermons,
long boring homilies
of fiery brimstone's
heavens and hells
and rituals tantric
of stones and planets.
have faith just
in you and me
life creative, making
flowers bloom and
rivers flow, trees breathe
and winds blow,
earths grow and skies
embrace,alright then
we should be.
Jan 2013 · 1.5k
A Lotus Meditating.
A lotus on sands shifting
of the continuum of seas,
rippling gently mysterious
in silent ears,an orange sun
lighting softly lids closed.
a river of breath constant
flows unaware,reverberating
a hum divine, filling and
flowing out the body still
bearing me and mine all
cleansing cathartic the dirt
worldly,collecting dues holy
from the silence cosmic and
the one sacred sound eternal,
depositing some being newer
in a place closer to the only
existence of a singular lotus Pure.
An apparent hurt, pain deeply so perceived
sinking momentary of worlds all temporary
as cornered an animal running,seeking dark
the solace of a womb of hibernation unfeeling.

An unknowing bloom in a desolation flowering
a healing slow providential also to **** powered!
made by grace an ally,a transformation hatched
from thorns agonized,an ascetic bed of roses fine.

Who else to thank now but thee my fine Agonies?
Jan 2013 · 621
Thanking songs Beloved.
You soak the anguish
of my heart pained
feel words of sorrow
locked and unsaid
embrace my grief
crying with me private,
laugh together with all.

Some angel unworldly
singing a tune forlorn
unknown but so dear
soul strings plucked soft
a strange solace entering
swelled heart crying tears
for an emotion forgotten.
That shining tower built tall and Proud
earth a mother and blue skies its lover
seeking perfection,that entity ethereal so,
by minds mystical and practical together
conflicting hard the dreamer and the doer
the willing and unwilling driven mutual as one.

Designed vision a force inexorable, realized slow,
a conviction human spreading action like wildfire
energized faculties stretched,knowledge all exhausted
euphoric waves creative ridden like a master boatman
a slow birth of creation delivered combined by men all
with bodies drained,minds triumphant,heads held high.

Attempted perfection teaches wise, taunting,teasing us,
so elusive with our minds limited and bodies ever tiring.
reach it you can never, just beyond grasp,evolving ever
founded in your mind but form it physical you can never.
I agree nodding yes, i caught you momentary,to the best
of my abilities now, I learned and shall keep chasing you!
Jan 2013 · 789
I beseech Myself.
Open Mind,Open!
Love Heart,Love!
Work Limbs,Work!
Think Brain,Think!
Act Wills, Act!
Sing Soul,Sing!
Dance Body,Dance!
Create Juices,Create!
Forget Past,Forget!
Be Present,Be!
Live Life, Live!!
Jan 2013 · 813
I- The Means to-YOU.
I am the music
the concert is you.
mine is the note
the symphony yours.
I am the traveler
the destination you.

I am the sweat
my work is you,
I am the lover
you,love incarnate.
I am life
the destiny final you.

I am the mind
thoughts being you
I am the soul
within it are you.
I am time, bound
you,an eternal infinity.

I am the saint
you,charity noble.
I am conscience
the true keeper you.
I am change
the ever constant you.

I am reality
truth universal you,
I am existence
the reason causal you,
I am the means
you,the meaning whole.
Breathing unconscious the air permeating
an oxygen right into lungs finely formed fed
waters so carelessly drunk quenching thirsts,
revitalizing with hydrogens exact innards all.

blood red coursing true from vital forces aplenty
Terra firm formed so right for me to walk straight
finely tilted earth enough for my days and nights
turning over for summers and my springs bright.

Now fine bodies and limbs,a heart pulsing sound,
minds capable bestowed by a time eternity bound
given lovely comrades, mothers, sisters, lovers and
brothers, friends, angels all for me destined especial.

the universe cosmic pandering to me, kind totally,
creating never a God,a cast,creed or a religion sole
but all and everything to survive as a man whole.
why then did I fragment,divide and multiply false?

and How! the mind shut first and then did heart too
geniuses both, discriminating unholy, inventing evils
dividing colors,crazed gods,cruel prophets,races divine
religions irrational unmeant for me but claiming us all
in a class uncaring obscene,a kid now just dead hungry!
what purpose is then of us,the grand senates and fiscals,
our temples,mosques and churches shining,vaults monied.

claiming then minds,hearts,honor, integrity and the self
stating grandly, survive you shall as you are the meek!
and so shall you be starved.*****,killed,burnt! Hell I am,
meek no longer! survive I shall as a king, a queen free!

I reclaim all now,taken from me in false names dastardly
show just my finger mid,for where I was led unwilling
the whole creed sole human,the religion only just humanity.
my will is what i make of my consciousness eternal revealed,
slowly peeling off layers and burdens yolked,reemerging now.
to freedoms anew today, and soon to that day of Armageddon.

*I just wanted to count and write a small poem on the numerous natural blessings of Universe and time,but then realized all these are taken for granted and turned to horrible human made this is neither a prosy poem nor poetic prose. a state of mind? here I am..with what ever it is..
Jan 2013 · 625
Free Will.
what is my will
who gave me it
if its your matrix
then its rejected
eons have failed
in enslaving it
i am free un-willing!
Silence after words,futility after actions
emptiness after thoughts,indifference after loves
desolation after joys,destruction after creations
death after lives,truth after lies,being after unbeing
peace after wars,ignorance after knowledge
pains after pleasures,nirvanas after samsara,
nothing after everything,and all so ****** vice-versa!
even with a hardened Armour cynic
grown by all understandings so futile
men worldly you numb me hard still
make my heart full,burst sadly,blur my
eyes,humanity remnant drowned in tears.
i sit silent zombied tonight,feeling violated,
building rages awaiting that dawn patient
for thoughts new, an action unprecedented.
but for now,you have killed me dishonorably.
that tiny **** cloth for a worldly affectation
worn for vanity grew without any cessation
engulfing my being swiftly in total negation.
turned now a cloak black of inhuman sedation
a second skin becoming skin itself, then seeped
to the very bones and a coagulated heart reaped
of consequence,truth layered the real concealed,
the self an image, just mirrored slick in Gucci attire
a fig leaf terrible now hiding the whole,wise tree entire!

*PS-no offense meant for Gucci designs or the beautiful people who wear them!
weep not as men we are no longer
fled of even the semblance smallest
better now rip out that heart throbbing
put it in the gun,yes,it may think,not fire!
like my child Malala,saved by an angel automatic!
tear out the brains and give it to the bullets fiery
they may veer away thinking kindly, ashamed of us men!
Dec 2012 · 753
Slate Clean!
no one reads,
that slate clean
wiped, writ again
one more time.
still none cares,
again, now clean!
Dec 2012 · 639
UnBRokEn WhErE?.
SmAsHeD LiMbs,
aTTacKeD HeArtS,
VoMiTTeD BelLIes.
NuMbeD BrAinS,
FrOZen PsYChEs,
PaRaLyZed BOdiEs,
HoW iN hElL!!
iN SoMe PlaCE,
****** UNknOWn,
wE FeEL UnBrOKeN!?
The sun-setting solitude slowly turning a velvety night
a fine goddess now descending concealing all her might.
a temptress teaching, a mother loving, a judge always right
granting us a freedom from a million corners more to fight.

The dark angel calm shining her blinding beams so bright
searchingly merciful creating still deep inky shadows of light
numb blissfully for those conquered heroes false who slighting
off the straight narrow path of the fair,just and right alight.

Generous is she, the queen majestic enduring all the pain stoic,
our pleasures and folly wise,even joys twisted and distorted vain!

sods poor,fiends rich, the carnal drags and compassionate hearts,
killers cold, sly cons,soaked winos, glitzy stars, gamblers and tarts,
children of a kind all in her ***** mix,playing perfectly their parts
trusting a goddess neither blessing nor reproaching dead impassive
allowing us all a discretion total she is our grand,real mother massive!

I am a son blessed rare,watching neon bathed the nightly circus affected
judging never,comfortably learning with My Nocturnal Angel protected!
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
Existence,Point Blank!
In life,i dithered,pussyfooting,
waited,holding ****** on,
feared you, all and sundry
argued futile,to myself!
philosophized idly, like hell!
reacted sensitive! norms as per,
mouthed bull, pitied empty!
gave little,grabbed in shovels,
didn't even hate properly!
thus loving only timidly!
fought causes unworthy,
sat bang mid on the fence,
foot each in pastures green,
mind,ever weighing the soul,
civilized,polite and gutless,
to even say,****,***** you!
you evil sob, to hell you go!
polite to kids,dogs, folks old,
lovely ****** and dumb bores,
swallowed angers,conceded points,
knowingly with a mind sharper,
died some death everyday small,
got lost so, mirroring ****** all,
unheeding ever, a decided heart!

Truth hit,mirror shattering!
Fully clothed,stood I naked,
unreflected in things any,
staring at nothing,blank
here, in this place and time.
feeling all the garbage pent-up,
priming to manure, catalyzing,
some part of being, unvisited.
knowing somehow, all I did,
or not,mattered,was worthy,
leading me here,to this  place,
Beware,of Existence Point Blank!
Some blows dealt deathly, from Life,
Those deep stabs, painful, thanks to Love!,
The cruel hardening strokes, of a stoic Time,
And the cold, corroding airs of a world unkind,
Thus is a molten lava flowing, of my Humanity,
To a rock hardest turned, in a death solid!
Yet is there something, fluttering at the Core,
An embryo pulsating, fissuring out totally blind,
Of a sadness moist, joys unshed, cracking the Shell,
Hellbent so on living, Giving, against odds all driven!
Now I Am a wonder rock,growing a pink flower pretty!
i so wish these poems weren't such afterthoughts,
words either labored, squeezed off a pained heart,
or a strong gush of stupid happy emotion as in farts?
neither pretty codified sonnets with essence in parts,
nor crisp, concise haiku's focused like targeted darts,
not the sophistried zen, oft hacked philosophic verses,
and the petty patterned words unmovingly affecting,
i despair for us to read a poem from brains turmoiled,
confused,unwritten words,unexpressed feelings,in divine madness!!
dance the unknown poem if a poem, to music uncomposed if music,
why cant we live them **** poems! so we dont have to **** write them!!

-every fellow being is a poem unwritten I feel, lets live them? Can we?-
Suddenly on some quite Sunday morning, As
I Watched a sunbeam floating anti-gravity dust,
A familiar smell,sound,a deep quietening of the mind,
Took me back, to the best and happiest time of my Life!!
Nov 2012 · 796
even as I  stretch and snap,
that slender thread of love,
and pollute the air of kinship,
as I deceive knowingly You.
breaking this ground of trust,
why do I feel unholy? so Ungodly?
Oct 2012 · 1.2k
Unabashed In abandon,oblivious to all now,
Each grain of sand pricking me sensuous,
Starry witnesses unheeded, unremembered,
Morning tides tickling our naked feet wet.
Warm sunlight dappling through your hair,
Your nectar on my lips, in eyes waking dreams,
Love drunk am I, Alive, all my deaths forgotten!
As I lie on this final pyre of life high,
Atop scented logs burning, that sigh,
Agni,the fire god great,cleansing me truly,
Asks,how was your life my Son? so kindly.
Askance,through the walls of fire,I look,
At your gentle face, of deep sadness a book,
Avowed to be bound,in grieving heat shimmered,
And Answer, O lord, you burned inside me great,
Also in my loved one,guiding our fiery paths of fate.
Aflame and lit by you was it,In knowledge supreme,
All we did was fly, like moths to the inferno serene,
Aiming at this blaze final,meant always, in your divinity.
Alas now my time ends,I know but its your flame eternal,
Always uniting,bonding our love, burning bright together.
Amidst now your flaming graces, I Thank you,as me you gather,
Aching in this lovely embrace, for my alter love,to meet in future farther!
Oct 2012 · 1.6k
I-The Barrier dissolved.
Am still, watching myself keen,
As I dissolve now slowly unseen.
A phantom built painstakingly
On lies,half-truths,all hidden guilt.
Worldly bar of expectations heavy,
Affecting false and burdening a levy.
I dared, only for you my sacred lover,
My humanity too,so desperate to flower.
I'm now destiny broken,so invulnerable,
Barriers none whatever,nothing indefensible!
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