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Jun 2013
The atoms you're composed of
Stay together like magnets, profound love
To make you who you are...

Do you ever look to the sky at night in wonder,
Knowing your ingredients come from what was, a star?
The recipe that is you, reads out important clues
About bonds between all, *connecting destinies
to follow through

Every time I sent a question out,
Answers were received.
It's such a phenomena,
years ago I would not have believed.
So now I walk around barefoot,
Soaking up the chi.
Bound by the universal matrix,
Helps me feel so free.

It's really opened me up, to the beauty of everything.
and when my mind's not right I let it out and sing.
In harmony with the cosmos, dancing to the frequencies of nature
Like swirling galaxies, with a relationship so pure
In motion with one glorious ocean, the waves affect us all.
take the chance even if it means risking the fall
You have the power to manipulate energies for positive change,
your significance is never small
Give in to the power of the infinite, just give it a chance.
Tap into the rhythm of all that's given,
remember you are creator of the moments we live in,
Switch up the routine, to ascend and advance.
Nature's song is always on
so feel it in your soul, and dance!

After all, you're the biggest part of it
Pick up those high vibes,
We can make an art of it.
Written by
   ---, ZWS, --- and Pure LOVE
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