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Aug 17
There is a name made known to all
But what it means has been forgotten
Even by those who speak it

In that one name all are saved
Receiving not just forgiveness
But the remission of all evil

The power of that single name
Is the same as the individual
The great one who bore it

That name was given to us
Those who believe it's power
Doing all that He did

Casting out all unclean spirits
Healing all by that name
The signs that accompany it's preaching

Why then do we not see it
This promised power
Displayed in ages gone by?

Oh you of little faith
Do you not know that faith comes by hearing
And hearing by the word of God

Faith is simply this
Believing that word in your heart
Not just in your head
Then acting upon it
Being sure of what you hope for
And certain of what you do not see

If you believe that name
Which is the name of Jesus
That is Yeshua the Annointed One

If you truly believe it
And do not doubt in your heart
In your heart, that is your spirit

Those signs will follow you too
So stop doubting and believe
Do not wait for a sign

You are the sign
The signs are done through you
You are the body

Of the One called Christ
It's time to act like it
Don't wait on God for this

He is waiting on you
To believe in true power of that name
And to act on it
Hadrian Veska
Written by
Hadrian Veska
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