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Jul 2020
Do you see the goal?
It somehow physically manifested itself
What will you do?
You can walk to it, give up, or run
Run until your lungs concave
Till your blood is boiling red
Till your muscles burn through your skin

Run until you are whole
Take it from someone like myself
The things I’ve been through
From someone who’s never won
It’s never to late to save
All those times I should be dead
But the race is about to begin

Don’t put that dream on hold
It won’t always be there
Time to see what you’re made of
It’s not a measure of skill
Or if it’s even your forte
It’s a matter of potential
It’s a sum of endurance and will

Your mind will try to fold
Your lungs will run out of air
Or the hate that came thereof
Your warm blood may spill
Even your own thoughts will betray
Your bones will feel fragile
All that matters is you don’t sit still

The objective isn’t even to finish
It’s not over if you can’t reach the end
You just need to try your best
You won’t forgive yourself otherwise
Life isn’t only about reaching the finish line
Life is about small wins
Proving you ‘can’ along the way

Chase those dreams you cherish
Don’t run alone, run with a friend
Every life is blessed
Now run before your Fire dies
Failure is a part of life, it’s not a crime
The strength to run is within
Don’t listen to me, hear what your heart has to say...
What do you think?
Written by
   Aer and Imran Islam
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