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Jul 4
Queer is asking broken systems if everyone gets to breath again - now -
Queer is a broken system
Queer is every colour you ever seen and every sound you ever heard
Queer is movement moving like a river - calm
Queer is movement moving like a river - violent
Queer is home, un umbrella to make a home for many and few and everyone and no one
Queer is thoughts and bodies and *** and hands and hearts
Queer is the way I walk and sleep and love and work and write
Queer is my nose touching your nose
Queer is the kiss you give me on my cheek
Queer is the fear and the truth and it’s the fear of truth
Queer is more true then all the other ****
Queer is Crip and Femme and the Working class
Queer has many friends, queer loves and inspires and takes care of its friends
Queer becomes its friends. Invisible, beautiful and broken
Queer is pride for broken backs
Queer is when the broken they see is what makes you whole
Queer is queer is queer.
Linn Hernried
Written by
Linn Hernried  Stockholm
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