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Jun 4
I’ll do it in a poem bc this is a poetry website.

With each that comes along,
A timer is set upon them.
Why let the timer be?
When defusal is possible.

Why let the bomb explode
When just being friends is fun?

Living stagnant is painful
But losing to the timers
While time is stopped
Pains me more.

I have a question for you, A:
Why make me decide
Between two paths?

There’s always a third,
Right down the middle.
Defusal sounds better than defusing so... once again, I summon creative license to create better flow!
Yeah I know it’s not a great poem, sorry for the lack of quality everyone.
Written by
Adrian  17/M/Wherever I May Roam.
(17/M/Wherever I May Roam.)   
     wren, gianna marie, --- and Shrika
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