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May 2020
Darling, remind me when it was when you began questioning your voice,
When silence became comfortable.
Remind me when it was that you turned the lights off,
Closed the curtains,
Hid your tears and locked your heart in the basement?

Remind me when it was that you began questioning your worth?
When others began holding your sense of self and validation in your hands;
when they turned around, closed the door and took your identity with them.

Darling, remind me when it was that you forgot that you are the Sun?
You are the rumbling thunder and you are the lightning that opens up and lights the sky on fire.

Remind me when it was that you rolled over in your bed and pulled the covers up over your face.
When you thought that darkness had made a home out of you,
When was it that you thought that Love was not strong enough to push through the crack in your window and find its way to you?

When was it that you thought that you were unworthy of being seen?

Darling, let me remind you to stare at your reflection in the mirror,
To stare at all the parts of you that feel that their worth is a question,
That love is a condition.
Let me remind you to place your hands on your heart and

That you are Love simply because you are here.
Your ability to access this love is your birthright,
Your right to love is inherent.

Let me remind you that you are wrapped within the wings of the earth.
You are eternally held.

For now, know that the world longs to hear your voice, you are ready to share.
The world longs to see your light,
Believe me when I tell you it’s spectacular to see you shine.
Rebecca Shain
Written by
Rebecca Shain  Cape Town, South Africa
(Cape Town, South Africa)   
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