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May 23
Long past have the Foundation of the firmament upon the Earth has progressed. The lands have been tainted the water polluted the air becomes toxic and Humanity precedes to run its course as the future of all Mankind is threaten by disease, famine, wars and to top it off a New World Order. The age of Information and technological advancement in all fields of study have become more and more susceptible to greed and corruption. The One World Government orchestrating a illusive grand deception of false sense of peace and security for all giving up on the Maker and his beloved only begotten Son the Messiah who came lived among us as a noble lowly servant to all yet remaining the prince of peace the lord of lord's anointed with God's zeal yet perishing on the old rugged cross for you and me to atone all humanity's sinful taint which was shaken by it's very core when Christ rose from the dead 3 days later and ascended to the Maker the Father of all Living things to be seated in the Holy Heavenly White Throne next to the Father who created all carnal and mortal or spirit and immortal beings alike. Once again within us we must all face the temptations bent towards pleasing the flesh yet killing the spirit slowly... or choosing to seek follow and obey to fixate your eye upon Jesus and taming the flesh by NOT our understanding and mastery over our carnal desires but by his who has sent the Holy Spirit for guidance and penance of our daily sins. I ask of thee heal my wounds lord, remember me when my day does turn to night and my final moments of living among you all are long forgotten only remembered to be a distant memory of a Man who seeks redemption from my Worldly trials and tribulations because I do fear the Lord for his judgement is pure  holy and perfect. He prepares a way for me accompanying me thru my daily struggle to maintain my faith remain in his grace and respect honor and live by his precepts set to keep me healthy happy joyful and free. What must I do for Lord you know my circumstances and current situation a matter in which I require your aid in. All I humbly ask of the Maker and all his heavenly host is to show me a proper way out of this constant affliction and perilous times I am currently facing. Yet deep inside me I know you will NOT abandon me my God for it is you who knows all sees all hears all treats all heals all and seeks all to come to true repentance and want us all to become heirs of your heavenly kingdom. With uttermost importance emphasized on this matter I seek you out Lord Jesus please do light the path my feet may walk as I live to serve and serve to live. I have done my fair share and still do my fair share of bad hurtful sins sometimes against me sometimes against others and even yet sometimes against you. I am NOT proud of it at all I want my Life to change I want to make you proud of who I can become with your help guiding me. I know of the plans of perfect design the blueprint of all children born to live and live to die and return to the Father who is the Maker overall God of all creation of which was is and is yet to come. Shall he be forevermore be praised and worshipped till the last human falls to the ground and becomes dust once more transcending thru the Sands of Time returning to the Fade. May you have mercy on me for I know I fall short daily but do know Lord I will give it my very best and attempt to restore what I once had and now I lost. My prayer is sent to you with much grievance and lamentation nonetheless, when I finally reach the end I pray hope and believe you will be pleased with your servant. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost Amen!
Transformation thru God's Grace & Mercy.
God's Oracle
Written by
God's Oracle  30/Two-Spirit/Lex
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