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May 20
What started as an echo wave
Reverberating across my moonlit lake
In hues of white and shining starlight gray
Has grown and flown, rippling like nether wings
As you've yet to be shown, yet shone another day

For you were eyes wide at the slightest path
Feet found friendly in the walking matter
And in the wake of Halley’s hue, unchanged
As if nothing out of reach were something real
Just as ripples of your sound, were, surreal and the same

As my own, but with a quake across my darkened veil
Darts a newfound thought in me
Of water, you see didn't see, did you?
That beneath the surface of this calm, I churn
Because of you and your distinct social sounds anew

I'm just saying
Your love song destroyed my universe
With it's crashing, falling, call, and crescendo growing tall
Into waters awake beneath the colors of sky
You are all that which matters to me this Fall

To this ripple, a memory
You ever have one of those writes where it's no longer about them, and you know it? Where it's been so long that the memory is all you have to keep? Yup. Be it alive or dead, it doesn't really matter. Because memories are just that. The past.

Also if this song was a girl.... Jeesh! Not to mention Gasp!
Written by
     Melanii and Mark S
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