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Jun 19 · 177
A Heavy Pen
Colm Jun 19
When you look at me
See not my deeds
But the gravitas behind who I've become

See me and only me
If you please
Boxing Poems . 10

This set was all about short, and sweet, and hard-hitting sentiments. The kind of stuff which means both everything and nothing.

I hope all is well.
Jun 19 · 81
Best Words
Colm Jun 19
It pleases me to think
That one day I woke up
And with
Whatever coffee I had
The best poetry I would ever sing
And noone heard a sound from me
Not even then
And yet I was free
Completely and indifferently
Boxing Poems . 9
Jun 19 · 43
The Dream of Unbeing
Colm Jun 19
No Man or intuition
Can see more than a day or two
Into her dream
Not weeks or months or years to spend
Instead all they think of is
"Wouldn't it be nice if"
Boxing Poems . 8
Jun 19 · 52
Dear Addict
Colm Jun 19
The only thing you know of me
Is what is not
And therefore nothing

I am not you
And you don't even know yourself

Boxing Poems . 7
Jun 19 · 39
Having Been Seen Again
Colm Jun 19
Think of me
And wonder
Not to tell, or explain
Or affirm, or deny
No, none of those things apply
(to me)
I am instead, not what is or will be
That's not me
But what could've been
That is me
(not to be)
Boxing Poems . 6
Jun 19 · 52
Colm Jun 19
I am the kind of person who
For a moment cannot stand to sit
For I must always in doing do
Just as always I am and never one with it
Boxing Poems . 5
Jun 19 · 31
She Had Wings
Colm Jun 19
From a window I saw an Oriole bright
When my eyes were young
And my prospects light

On a breeze of fancy fluttered her wings
And with a flicker of power
She flew away

And I hadn't though about her wings
Or how on the wind she would glide and sway
Until today, until today
Boxing Poems . 4
Jun 19 · 47
A Winter Rose
Colm Jun 19
Human beings grow and grow
Until we don't
And won't

Outside of nature
We are not trees
Just as every winter will consume the rose

We bud where and when and with whom we please
Boxing Poems . 3
Jun 19 · 30
Choice and Joy
Colm Jun 19
I cannot, in good faith
Recommend anything which
Will make you happy immediately
And yet miserable indefinitely
Boxing Poems . 2
Jun 19 · 24
The Self Effect
Colm Jun 19
If I knew, I'd know
And if I did, it would've already been - done
Boxing Poems . 1
Jun 15 · 71
Colm Jun 15
Perhaps one day
These eyes will know
The other side of the sky
(That is mine)
And your mind too
In all of its reassuring glory
With its own sunshine
Each morning in tow

No night shadow will ever come between
Such bright and glowing
Stream fed eyes as these
(Which glow as one)
And hope to never be parted from
This earth in all of its grounding ways
Just as your sight cuts deep
So does that movement which you've yet to know

My eyes will always wait for yours
Jun 15 · 61
A seasonal question
Colm Jun 15
How do you walk
After flying so far

Or be
After the feeling of un is all

I ask

Do you find peace again
After the summer ends

In Fall
Been this way for so many years, guess I needed to remember that "what I do" isn't me. Far from it.
Colm Jun 10
Today I sat down
Like an ocean full
And grabbed a pen to crash waves
Onto the shoreline of thought

Having done so - I'm free
Having done so -- I'm me
1Sight . This set was about both a first sight and a second freedom. I feel better now, but my wishes and feelings... yup, still the same. (:
Jun 10 · 30
Colm Jun 10
No person can evoke such change
In one's self left alone, I say no
Because to grow, truly grow
Is to know that you yourself
Have all that which you need
To do incredible things, today
Be it just to begin, again and again
To walk forward into the future
Everso slow

Never the less you can go
1Sight . Evergrow
Jun 10 · 142
His london fog
Colm Jun 10
If the London air tasted anything like this
I'd pray for wings and spout quick as can be

And fly to another continent so fast
It would make your head spin

If only tea were in the air
As in flavor pallet here it is with me
1Sight . Fantastic drink
Jun 10 · 36
Silent notes and songs
Colm Jun 10
It's neither strong nor weak to be alone
Neither heroic nor cowardice, to try or to not
There are simply those who prefer the company of many songs
And those silent notes who do not
1Sight . Fall in love with truth first
Colm Jun 10
Knowingly walking down the path of frustration
And expecting to be happy
Is not a problem of feet
But an expectant problem of mind

And so I find
That I must walk in a different manner
To be free
1Sight . Take it in stride, friend
Jun 10 · 148
Colm Jun 10
Some mountains just refuse to be climbed
Don't dispair, or blame, or take it personally
No, the no trespassing signs are of their own design
1Sight . Do not despair, Fitzwilliam
Jun 10 · 21
Another artists eyes
Colm Jun 10
I asked for you
For your hand to show
It's contoured mark it my life
For eternity
And now
Years later
Into the future we've found
Out the open truth in the air
Above smiling eyes and wide with joy
I laugh out loud
When you walk in again
And that maybe someday
Is suddenly now

Do you remember still?
I never forget.
1Sight . First time I saw SMG.
Jun 5 · 216
Moving and unmoved
Colm Jun 5
Why is it in my nature to GO
And to never to stop
And see the simple sun
Rise as it was meant to be

Unless it is my own idea that is
Then instead, I'll stop for whatever suits me

Fancy that
1Sight . Always going, but never where expected
Jun 5 · 44
An echo over ears
Colm Jun 5
When ears ache
And beg for the sweet quiet release of thought

How I plead for silence to find me
So that I can think again as myself

Wishing ever to be
At home, alone


Let me be
1Sight . Sometimes it's hard to even hear myself think
Jun 5 · 70
Sensory Overload
Colm Jun 5
With noise abound
Joy all around
I can feel the springs of my legs wind up
And yearn to give out

Propel me into this future alone

I **** at saying goodbye everytime
1Sight . First Verse
Jun 4 · 61
Alone and alone
Colm Jun 4
Though my rooftop knows
I am homeless still
Ever wandering in mind

My expectations
High as clouds
For self who I cannot possibly leave

I am annoyed by me
May 31 · 71
Flowing from to from
Colm May 31
I drift from hopeful skys above, into the honest truth of my hubris below. As easily as, and as flowing as, a river flaked with this northern snow. How slowly I go, so as not to freeze. Yet I fall past Fall irrevocably, I, cannot stay - let alone forever in this clouded sky. And so, back to my own groundings I go. Adrift from my home and hopeful highs above, into the valleys I've know best, below.
How feelings feel and rise and fall, indefinitely.
Colm May 30
This is a beautiful light which keeps
Itself alive for hours yet

By reaching out its beautiful hands
And arms within these windows clean

With tall and pensive shadows left
And glowing fortress right with ease

The last of this long important May
Outstretches its own spirits keen

And my eyes see
Be they only they

This lover of sights says
My eyes see
Current feels in these final rays of sunlight
May 30 · 103
Two eyes and two
Colm May 30
Mine are not two eyes of gold
As an ouce of blue more can be found
Don't ask as to where they look around
Every second, of every day, instead
Like a passing light, step inbetween
Ever flashing still, look back at me
In unstumbling step instead stand before
No one else will ever see
Except for thee
Colm May 30
No more can you change
The harsh, cold, reality of winter
So much as you can
Choose to warm yourself then
When the sheen of eventual summer is sprung

Don't take the seasons personally
Like dawns and sunsets on the rise
They always come
Always and inevitably
Colm May 30
Waiting is neither romantic nor fun
Neither easy or true
It simply is
A choice to be made
To wait is to see
To decide is to see it through
May 30 · 185
Looking up is a need
Colm May 30
Yes, self
Reading is romantic still
If it's done by a supermodel

Noone is coming to turn your eyes like pages
May 30 · 35
Looking up to see
Colm May 30
A cloud is your salvation shown
People a drug
In the focus of your selfless self
What wonderful distraction, who?

In looking sees just above the trees
That all is white, and gray, and blue
Just out of reach and occasionally seen
There is no peace, even when alone

With occasional rain and blotted sun
Such light and bouncing white renewed
It's a constant reminder of what is above
And what beneath you cannot do
May 19 · 77
Laughing at myself
Colm May 19
Tasks are meant to distract the mind
Anyone who gardens by choice
To me
Is out of their own and doesn't have
Enough time, at least to think

An unpopular opinion, perhaps
Presentme . 10
May 19 · 33
Colm May 19
For months now
I've withheld myself
From all words indulging
From all spinning worlds
Both earned and bought

Then today I thought
"Why should I or not"
As neither quiet nor speaking
Changes any amount of this
My most ardent thought

So I did
And this was
Presentme . 9
May 19 · 44
Reality Check
Colm May 19
When your standards are so high
That birds cannot perch
And construction workers, who work
Have the option of throwing themselves from above
Then perhaps it's time
To reconsider your own
And come down from the clouds
Lest someone ends up getting hurt
Presentme . 8
Colm May 19
A wish is only a wish
When you have not the time -
Or the faculties
Or the will left alive
- to try

Be it again or for the first or for the eventual not

Will you try?
Presentme . 7
May 19 · 104
When I feel unkind
Colm May 19
We are all beings alike
And of opposite nature

Like wood and sand paper
Like true grit and true lies

We are distant and on top of
Each one another as neighbors

And to judge a persons beliefs
Is the epitome of crime

With a nice bow wrapped up
So that we all can understand

(Who the real villain is)

When in truth we fall, all as one, aligned
For we are human beings of the most unkind
Presentme . 6
May 19 · 45
A handwritten Me
Colm May 19
There is no time left in the sky today. All that remains is the darkness of eve which this growing day has left behind....
Presentme . 5
May 19 · 54
Mr. Lighthouse
Colm May 19
I view myself so sternly sometimes
As a tower standing tall above sands
Like a lighthouse alive on the shores of Lyme

When really I'm a swingset
Noone plays on much more

Bright in the sun perhaps
But no less weathered by time

Regardless, I am kind of tall
Presentme . 4
Colm May 19
This anxious memory of my own
Is a wish to be free
Like a cloud to return
How it longs to be rain
Set resting on the forgotten ground
Presentme . 3
May 19 · 68
Present In Essence
Colm May 19
Presence is a funny thing -

How I am and not aware of me, my being once been and what'll always be.

As an idealist, present is never enough for me.

Be it a wish of is, my being once been and what'll always be.

Whenever I answer before it turns quarter to three. It's not me.

But at night I am the moon, my being once been and what'll always be.

- In full, you see. Every night I am free.
Presentme . 2
May 19 · 34
Stars, and evenmoreso
Colm May 19
Living between, caffeine and sleep
Is like pulling the moon out of earth's orbit,
So that the galaxies can finally dance,
And the stars can be entertained
Glowing evenmoreso with wine and cheese
Presentme . 1
Apr 24 · 381
Her Lead
Colm Apr 24
I swear
My ears don't just hear
I can see your song in resonance flow
Into the intimate air which we share
When I am here
And the sound of us in being is near
And you're leading me now
Apr 17 · 253
A eulogy of us
Colm Apr 17
I haven't forgotten you
Or fallen softly into the arms of the forlorn
Almost memories no more, no
I haven't forgotten because because
I haven't forgotten the last of us
Of which once was
So much more

I still remember
Colm Apr 17
Felt as felt
Between two warming ears
And snow, the kind of snow, which disappears
Into pools of eyes so blue and crystalline

You are somewhere between ***, and coffee, and jazz, and caffinated cares, and mystery

And I cannot help but see
Apr 14 · 144
Many Partings
Colm Apr 14
Old friends fade like sun-filled days
And last no longer than the rain
Which turns to winters waste above

And yet
I grow like trees
Even when I don't want to

And see them go below
To death
Where these memories and away friends go

Into the un, "I do not know" them
This is me, saying goodbye to a friend who passed away. And also getting rid of some toxic memories.

RIP Alex.
Apr 1 · 237
Humans and being
Colm Apr 1
We are all human
We all are being
All self doubt and smoke and ashes and dust
We settle still
And stirr like stones
And never stop the search for meaning
We all are human
We are all being
Apr 1 · 98
Talking on my own
Colm Apr 1
No amount of silence
Can fill the void
Of which and in which
Would live the presence of yours

No song to last
Or calling bell deprived of joy
Cast in iron fast

Your voice

Leaves me hungry and listening
For this tension to break
Like the fast between these many hours

I wish
That such a sound
Was known to these walls
And echoed all around

And that these talks were not just me alone
And of my own
Apr 1 · 72
Umm, your girl...
Colm Apr 1
If shes loves the ocean and late nights. Is constantly coming out of her shell. And if, her voice has been, described as the bows of violins. She is down with all the omega-3 fatty acids, then.

That's not your girl, that's a lobster
Apr 1 · 67
The Creators Created
Colm Apr 1
Makers will make
And create the most marvelous things
For their loved ones to enjoy
And for their own purposes purposed
To be found

But I do not make
Out of brick and stone
Out of mortar or meat or performance to the world of known


The worlds I create are within others
And through the stories of which
In their memories they
Will never be, or find themselves, alone

I build people
Not places
Apr 1 · 67
Colm Apr 1
When someone speaks, I am not me,
I am there

And when I speak, sometimes, I am not there also

So when quiet, my first love, comes around

And the silence coats me like a fog

And falls on me like a blanket of down

I am at my ease, I am there at peace

For I am nowhere at last

All the noises have ceased

I am not aloud
Colm Apr 1
I understand
You're jealous of my words
And greedy for my eyes and time
Which seeks to self aggrandize self
Which forgets our God and you alike

I see this now
As clear as red flame
I can see what wishes you had in mind
And I, and I, still can care for these
But forgot not how to forget this time

Please understand, you are also in
My life
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