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Colm 8h
I'm dying at this opportunity
trying not to think, as I
my old self would
with anxiousness and wonderous worry
at these days to hurry
so that this history might
rewrite itself
and this time, this time
might not pass us by
Hopefully neither of us are still running.
Colm 2d
The noise is not the trees.
Instead, I understand
And stand where life begins
And questions end.
Now comprehend,
What shakes therein.
For that sound is not a noise at all,
It is the wind.
True story of a past feeling. God bless.
3d · 99
Big IF
Colm 3d
If songs had bodies
Yours would be
So fine
And refined
And full of life
Most fine
Colm 3d
breathing out your resonance
like a memory smoke
or a clouded day
brings a sunlight smile, wide as the sky
for me at least
for you slow me no more
but reverb me still
in memories now uncombined

That's why I was no good for you
4d · 144
Vibrance, A Tanka
Colm 4d
When I think back now
To a time when time was not
Of such vibrant thought
And I feel the weight of be
In this world of being now

(Where I Am More Aware, Now)
4d · 51
Unknown, A Tanka
Colm 4d
Time knows not it's own
Ticks and subtle sounding clicks
Which pass by like days
In the minds of men who know
That life as is exisits

(Time's Arrow)
4d · 32
Whisper, A Tanka
Colm 4d
The snow how it flies
The raindrops which weep and cry
The sunlight rays keep
And the breeze which tries to speak
All have this in common

(Those things which tell us were alive)
Colm 4d
Don't care for shadows
Just as sunshine cannot keep
And stars must burn out
All in their oceanless end
So we also soon will be

4d · 55
Nature, A Tanka
Colm 4d
Be found in this ache
In the stretching of limbs and
The yearning of trees
In my own growing pains I
Ache like the old wooden days

4d · 19
Honey, A Tanka
Colm 4d
Somedays my own
Headphones more than blue eyes
Want to sit you down
Turn on the song which turns me
And spin our eternity

(I want you, honey)
4d · 371
Memory, A Tanka
Colm 4d
Does the earth ever
In a fit of feeling fear
That her daughter trees
Will uproot too much too far
From her no child ever leaves

5d · 42
Experiencing You
Colm 5d
I hear it as jazzing sound
And see it as a breathing sigh
The snowfall and its white feather down
Both light and bright as a once darkened sky

The distant stars drowned out by the day
An aesthetic row of these ancient books
To hide is not part of the mountains way
All it takes for this one is a look

And I am lost beyond horizons
More cold than hollowed ocean nooks
Just as the breeze brings gifts
And rgis wish by a field to sow

I hear and see all this alive
And about you I wish to know

That it was
Colm 5d
And so I sit here in the sun
Not to shine
Or call
Or to warm
Or hum
But to reflect
5d · 29
Waiting Here
Colm 5d
More patient than a memory
In ambitiousness and steadfast true

You are far too fair and yet too close
To be felt alive

Too afraid perhaps of the awkwardness again
To be seen by each other and to renew

Yet it's not just I who can see this end
It's pursuit so nearing us through and through

Arise my old language
Arise and breathe life

Over a thousand days died here waiting away
Just as I too have waited for you
Waiting Here.
Colm 5d
Just beyond the hillside windmills unstill
Where the horizon meets the sky
and eyes are lost in clouded light
Brighter than all cares and graduation caps combined

It is where the goodness of present day
And the tides of gifted times glide past
Beneath the feet of the lover stands
A happily shifting sand which has eroded away

And the only thing left there between us to be
Is the sea
In all of its wonderous and most secretive
Glory to be shared as one

(And all this my dear, is just beyond)
These moments are like waves, or so I find.
Colm 5d
Learning how to say no
Doesn't make it any less easy
Or anymore fun to be without
That whatever-it-is
Which you think you need
And in your moment of doubt
Never did
5d · 28
Colm 5d
The best way to get over yourself
Is to start climbing
To stop thinking
And to start seeing yourself as
Something truly surmountable
7d · 49
Colm 7d
You don’t understand, perhaps, just quite how high
Your memory and my feelings therein, can still elevate and makes me fly

If you want to see spring in my step, **** the winter
If you want to see stars in my eyes, would you be
And if you’d only speaks words one more time to this wordsmith
There’s at least one true smile which awaits you, I can guarantee
Forward with hope
May 28 · 78
Colm May 28
she would look at me like I had stars in my eyes
though I know not why, what I love is what I know
you see I love rustic hills, forgotten and still
i love breathing nothingness in, out the quiet, and the ease
i love freshly cut grass and forest meadows never meant to be tamed
i love the snapping fish most talkative and the slim bodies of waters beneath grasping trees
i love he quiet sky above the 3 a.m. streets
and the flickering candlelight whispering things
and above all of these things I hope not to love, is me
though that choice is a which I do heartily admire
and give it still my most willingness forward
if you'll see and let me also see
please do
Hi LP. Two very different stories, I'm sure. Yup.
Colm May 27
If you knew me, you'd know
And in such feelings be felt
More than a stranger passing by
More than a simple smile
Or an almost unexpected sound

In the real you would live
And out with expectations you'd breathe
Until your lungs were filled
With more than just speculation
And your thoughts were more honestly bound
(By such realism) and no longer free

And if I began wandered here less around
Without the knowing's of so
And in my mind decidedly worried less
And started more committing to find
There's no knowing where or here or when
Our future together would commence to go

All I know is that this and in this way
(Towards the sky)
We must both more than wish in order to grow

But then again, if you knew me …
You'd know
Deter Me Not Set (12) - END

Thanks for reading, if you do.
Colm May 27
Ghibli films feel right because
everything is just as it is
or was
or was secretly meant to be
Like grooves on a record
like trails of the cautious deer
or etchings upon ancient stones together
You know, that what you're about to see
was designed to be seen
and seen uniquely

Whatever your opinion is, you're right
Deter Me Not Set (11) . Totoro
May 27 · 45
Colm May 27
Awful coffee still has its caffeine
And by that same logic
Even awful people can still sharpen me

Unless they're decafe
In which case,
Deter Me Not Set (10)
Colm May 27
once declared
turns out a deck to find
cut a pack fiercely into
and with the next flip missed
then another, and another, all aligned
discover that there are no more ladies left
to be found in such empty hands as these, no
here - there be only jokers left alive
Deter Me Not Set (9)
May 27 · 36
If you
Colm May 27
If you give a man ... more stones to dig
He'll find
If you give a man ... more time
He may still not know, let alone who
If you take from him ... nothing when you go
Then the building of his own high wall, is no crime of yours
Ever, nor ever was
Deter Me Not Set (8)
May 27 · 40
Colm May 27
I wish this mood upon a puddle
And then find myself drying
When it does not last
What a gas
This is
Deter Me Not Set (7)
Colm May 27

No ocean says, "I want to give way to a strong and crashing love." It doesn't have the time to burn and not churn. It has already landed on the shore, and back again.
Deter Me Not Set (6)
May 27 · 22
the true one, alone
Colm May 27
Can anyone find me
A single mind of true solidarity
Which sounds as good
As the nothingness of speech
Which I predict upon myself

Both seamless and unendingly

Until I am reminded that
I am alone again
And all too intimately
Standing close and contentedly
With no-one in particular

Maybe my one is meant to remain?
Deter Me Not Set (5)
May 27 · 156
The Eventual Tanka
Colm May 27
This truth be told to the world
Gray skies come for us
All beneath one and the same
None ever escapes from rain
Deter Me Not Set (4)
May 27 · 94
The Act
Colm May 27
Saying it isn't feeling it
And feeling it isn't breathing it

Breathing it isn't living it
And living it isn't being in it

Being in it isn't believing in it
And believing in it isn't seeing it

Seeing it isn't abiding in it
And abiding in it isn't contentment in it

And the act (therein)
Doesn't begin without the feeling of it
Deter Me Not Set (3)
May 27 · 16
Before you fall asleep
Colm May 27
Just a look is all it takes to keep
My mind from drifting off again
Into what promises tell me
And yet my heart knows not will be
An eternal sleep

Just a second alone
With those eyes of yours will find
Within me burning like a freshly struck match
A fire so humble and a wisp so keen
To been seen for an instant more longer than sleep

Just to tarry with you here, my love,
Is beyond that of the summer afternoon dreams
Deter Me Not Set (2) .
May 27 · 262
Time's Lie
Colm May 27
No second ever existed
Without a human mind first
Trying to tie at knots and count creation
Deter Me Not Set (1)

This is a collection of works written in a vary familiar place. Albeit three, or maybe four years after one of my initial revelations. This place is like an office to me. And I am thankful to be able to think, here by this oak windowsill.

May 26 · 23
How she wears clothes
Colm May 26
Were I to be
Even an inconstant breeze
In the sails of your chest
I would never be lacking
In joy or breath
Or in breathing or sense
I would never be without
Or separated from want of
This breathy desire

The way you wear clothes is killing me slow
Of mine
May 25 · 282
The vaulter
Colm May 25
His standards
No pole vaulter on acid could touch
So high
May 25 · 113
Colm May 25
seeing you
in minds eye now
and your winding ways
of browning trees
makes me remember and breathe
in the taste of cold
which November only knows
and December wishes it could be
(or was)
Colm May 25
I pulled out a tiny little cathexis stick
and toasted the sky with your words of gray
until they bubbled in brown
and could breathe sweet again
having been sent home
to heaven where they belong

Yours were never mine to keep
Colm May 24
Wish myself upon
A distant hillside growing
Though in no ways near
I am in showing myself
For a desire to be there
May 24 · 65
Colm May 24
We are springs of refreshing mind
Reaching out
From the cooling rock and reaping soil

Not cloud and thunder
Oak and root
Or spring and flower without song

Not star or fire
Grass or mire
Or ocean rumbling as a throng

Yet it's down below from which we pool
The thoughtful self most fulfilling
From which we ought to base and pull
May 24 · 92
Plastic Ball Haiku
Colm May 24
This plastic fire burns
Into a melted mixed bag
Of ***** and strikeouts
Colm May 24
There are days when I am in love with eyes
the world in looks
and the passing by glances
of a newfound friendship, and fondness revived

And then there are days
like this one en which,
there is not enough dirt on the surface of the entire earth
to cover all of you
Colm May 21
to hold your image (in my mind)
is more difficult than I could know,
or you, could even begin to search,
[let alone find]

to hold a hand (once not your own)
no self can lend a moments peace
when searching for a hold in stone
[a fragile piece]

a gift is not always to keep

May 21 · 43
Colm May 21
Our eyes see stars
Our earth her neighbors
Just as near and far are subsequently born
Of human terminology
Colm May 17
I don't know why...

The moon in its endearing way
Encircles us on breathless string along
Or why the tides cry ill each night
Only to be in court for the hearing at dawn

The rushing lawns of browning green
Or why they need a trim to fall
Or the crisping leaves of sweeping scenes
And why they whisper around me at all

The rock and stone the smoothing ore
Beneath waters rushing to and fro
No crackling snow left sparks alive
No mountain stream running by itself alone

But out of all of these things which I do not know
Of what and why and whethering seems
Like the lines of growing seeds to sow
Why it's your eyes behind that I wish to know

I don't.
She rejected me, but it makes me smile. Because if feels better this way. I remain unchanged.

whethering - | the act of repetitive self-doubt (whether you should or shouldn't) specifically when you should.
Colm May 2
Mountains are not mountains
You neither climb
Nor longingly look
Their present absence
May 2 · 361
A sight
Colm May 2
I love the reflected sheen of light
Which glows and grows off of floors unclean
And creates horizons unhigh

My eyes know these sights most well
And like them most ardently

This censor of mine, alone
Colm May 2
Deep water found
In a wellspring of being
Would you be, and want
To be refreshed and renewed
Not as immortal songs
But as the sound of running water
On a washboard bed of stones
Turn over again
I, in sleeping here, next to you
May 2 · 98
Colm May 2
We see the results
Not of what we want
But of what we do

In the quiet hour when instead of reassurance
Our heart wants pizza
And we are in need of all things renewed
Colm May 2
When a window closes
It doesn't mean
That you're banned from the breeze
Or from the appreciate and growingness
Of the height of trees
No, less is meant by such an explicit shift
When a window closes it only means
That your sight is obscured
And only partially

Yes . Your eyes, your sight
Is still free (to be)
May 2 · 175
Your smile, about me?
Colm May 2
I see your smile
so subtle and fine
And I am selfishly founded
on this belief of you, in us
And I
I want it so badly to be only for me
Colm Apr 8
Tear out my heart like a missing page. I turn and turn to live again.
Her will to read in nature's storm. Once born of being, is there and then.
When your eyesight was ever mine to upend? Or to try and mend.
You see? It never was once me.
That is until your rain begins again. Anew.
The day I realized a page was missing. LOL
Apr 8 · 260
Colm Apr 8
is the discovered place. when a friend moves on in a walking fashion, and your feet, unbudging, with all of their reserved and well-padded soles,
Been there.... Too long probably.
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