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7d · 36
How I Feel
Colm 7d
Somedays I hate the way my own body heat, collects and is in entrapped within. In the arms of wind I nowtimes wish, that I could relax again and just for a moment be. Truly, cool and light, airy and free.
Not serene. Just tired of thought and the comforting heat. Please no more. Please. Just let me be.
Colm Oct 19
The unheard sound
Like a song stretched out
Over the many sunrises spent
Beneath silken vine and canopy tent
Forever is a very long time left to see
But this sound still unenduring
Is the most beautiful thing
To be heard of and by me
Oct 18 · 137
Have Courage My Friend
Colm Oct 18
Stuck is nothing more than everything

When in eyes unseen it is realized that
There is no breath without first breathing
No baseline without hearts first beating

And in unified personified existence being
There is no whatsoever love forsaken
Without ever first the chance of breaking
Colm Oct 18
As my archive
Kept archiving me
With a strong hold
And a seal so great
That in quiet places
I couldn't begin to think
Let alone even meditate
On what should be done
About these growing words
About flattened seams obese
And so I'll never again perhaps see
The rushing waters within the streams
Of a most flowing forth into my unseen
And to this I think, that it's alright with me
Having long since looked upon the accepted sea

And accepted such a fate
This one is about my feeble attempts to stay organized. To not be reliant upon any site to archive my work. When in reality, I long since lost track of where I first began. And do not care an ounce for the work of copying all of my old verses down.

No, just no.
Oct 18 · 56
Colm Oct 18
The most addictive substance
Known to man
Is no man at all
Nor a compound unleashed

But a woman found
And with whom quietly you can
Atop corner seats and within window cafes

As if no air had ever passed between
True to me. So true.
Oct 18 · 260
Sight Unified
Colm Oct 18
I love the world most

When it let's me be

To just sit and breath

And to think of these

Most fervent truths

Which are known to noone

And inparted to everyone

As a part of me

In our seeing we are one

We are free
Sight unified
Colm Oct 18
Fear no
Or lack
Of existence

For you were
Meant to be
Exactly as
You have been
Thus far

If you're breathing today. I'm happy to be happily with you. (:
Colm Oct 18
The breeze between my fingers holds me
Exactly where I need to be
And for a moment found
Connected there
Almost lovingly with
The soundless trees
Which have whispered fair
Next to nothing's for all eternity
Colm Oct 18
No fear calls my name
quite like the opportunity of you

And in remembering this, and in the failures that
let the truest of minds remain

For in the most quiet of conveniences found
there is only the one thing which I truly

And that being is of no importance or remembrance worthy, compared to the one who now calls my
Flow like the waters. Please.
Colm Oct 18
The same old tables know my name

And memories felt

In feelings like young hands first touch

Return in eyes one and the same

In creation, I create

And in hopeful optimism grow

Looking continually cut

Like the flowers by the highway lives

In wishing and where is why I tend to find

That you are the foremost thought of late

The only sonnet ever on my mind

In a humming truth like a vibrant bird

You are here most every time alive
If you could just see what I've become. I swear or will happily promise by high heavens, you'll like what you will find.
Colm Oct 16
Every day I sit and wait
  to be paid so that I can sit and wait
   in public for thoughts to free themselves
    and hopefully migrate towards the future you
     who knows me not but wishes for these same things true
Oct 16 · 42
Your Body, A Vacation
Colm Oct 16
Your hair is sunlight fading slow
Kisses crashing on rocky outcrops
Skin a warming beach beneath
Where I dig and dig in sands of joy
And dream of sunsets underneath

In looking find and in knowing, know
You turn my fire to ember coals
My dreams to shallow shoals
In waiting seemingly never known
Your hair is sunlight ever fading slow
Your Body, A Vacation
Oct 15 · 45
The Next Eight Hours
Colm Oct 15
He walks around all day and stays
With coffee veins and shining heart
And jazz whisking his head away
As show through 8-8-8
Oct 14 · 80
the prominent role
Colm Oct 14
How far does the waning songbird ring
How unheard of long the song which calls you home

you know?
Colm Oct 13
I peer into the night
The dark of thought
Of wonderment
Reaching into the vastness
Of what ought to be the sky
Pull the dawn into the existence
Of a more familiar set of eyes
Reaching, always reaching
Oct 12 · 102
Denial of Both
Colm Oct 12
You catch in my throat
Like a prayer which hurts the most
And a song remembered from the very first note

All of nothing and of something and of wishes and of woes

You see right though
And yet without want for his perfect timing
I find
That we both in unison say no
But perhaps for yourself, just a little moreso (;
Oct 12 · 67
One The Same In Song
Colm Oct 12
It’s been too long
since in findings found.
I lost myself in words like leaves
In waving metaphor and euphoric breeze

It’s been too long now for even me
to say that I can still smell the trees,
and live like aspen beings tall and young.
It's been so very long now since our song's been sung.

Like an echo it
reverberates across water mists.

Like a chorus I
am no longer left ununified or in wanderings lost.

No the sky,
we were meant to sing songs such as these
You and I.
Colm Oct 12
In revelation of
How sleeping waking is the same
Colm Oct 12
In realization that
Even memories die alone
Oct 12 · 53
Colm Oct 12
I pretend - And with infatuations paint at life
         with colors sound
         until this be known
To all those wishfully waiving trees
          who choose to grow
          in such close proximity to me  
That the secret is - I’ll never know what I want to be
Oct 12 · 69
Morning Feelings
Colm Oct 12
Cold extremities
Loud thoughts in quiet eyes  
With screeching questions underneath    
And squealing breaks      
On days like this; the sky should just go back to bed        
The sidewalks roll themselves up and hide
Morning Feelings
Oct 12 · 39
Separation Skies
Colm Oct 12
The most beautiful essence of memory
is the breeze.

The most powerful beat of the drum
is the heart.

The thunder paints colors in my ever clouding head,
and rumbles to be heard once again with ease.

In all of your astounded ears, surreal, would you please?
I wish to be whole and not in part.
Separation Skies
Colm Oct 9
When I read you
I’m most selfish and selfishly
Within my own inhabitants be
Close your eyes now you may see
That when I read your words aloud
(in this often times more than not)
I’m not reading you so much as
I am looking and listening
There for me
Tis true, sadly. We're all such selfish beings. Me first and foremost.
Colm Oct 9
Near not
Nor want of desires am
Be told as much by their fathers
For fear of a girl expecting more suns
For expecting stars without such burning
Infinitely falling duress

We are not them
Human which tears apart parting flesh
Nor timeless clocks or flea ridden pests
When wondering in east
Be confounded by the floundering boundless this
That we are but men
Infused with Gods lost compasses

Near not, you’ll find
That behind the guise
We smile and acquiesce
Inspired by a look. An image of truth. And the meaning behind man, fathers, daughter, and sons too.
Colm Oct 9
My barefoot sand
And rocky outlook
Blinded by the trust in being
Feels beneath
And over the edge
Of falling for you once again
From this feeling I
Am no longer fleeing
Describes it nearly perfectly
Oct 6 · 38
A Dove In The Storm
Colm Oct 6
No one and everyone
On the wings of nothing
Above winds of something
Less storms not come
And time not find
That no human mind ever spoke aloud
No cloud or raindrops ever having held on too long
Nor I to you clung so fervently as
Like static electric enchantment capacity

These are not but a blink in the eye
Of a storm so mighty and fierce in sky
Which devours like an hour
You and I both know
That no dove be ever caught
Dead to flying right in a storied storm
Though in mind it is certainly not
By any means explanatory
Or for want of try to fly
What's in a name? A meaning most true? Not a memory or voice which completely explains, this being known as, me. I am. The once which wisely never flew. On a darkened day of gray and cold. And yet, once asked, I am ever capable of living a breathing life between the folds. Blah blah. Me.
Oct 6 · 94
The Uninstall
Colm Oct 6
I reject you

Oh modern soulless

Hallow chest of a shell

Plundered socially left

And more negatively right

The swipe I say

Is a curse at best

On the men of this

No longer protruding

Less West
***** swipe culture. Write me a letter.
Oct 6 · 222
The Realization
Colm Oct 6
People forget how deep it is
Till the ocean looks back at them
Intently from beneath the cliff
Colm Oct 6
It’s been a long time since
the sound of you came back to me
In an echo so fierce like the roaring trees
and embedded deep itself within wooded mind

Albeit growing towns and in doubt maybe
You are still eternal in stillness and air
Like moth wings ever felt unseen
and mulled ciders reckoning

Like a street vendor fair
How you always unroll the sidewalks clean
and walked out of us as far as eyes could be seen
Until carnival sounds were at backs and finally at ease

How the sound of you came back to me
without so much as a whisper spent
On this, these prattling autumn trees
No songs remind or need I see
We Used To Walk Each Autumn Fair - I Don't Need A Remind
Colm Oct 5
I don't fear you
So much as I do
My me as a being
Preoccupied with evicted thoughts
A homeless mind
Is mine
I see

Would you grant me some of your spare thoughts, please?
Colm Oct 1
Beautiful shade falls freely from these trees beneath this autumn day. Cascades like hope while padding like rain. With puddling saturated truthful rays, it streams like rivers and reflects on kings. With a whistling harp over hill unseen. And this, all this, is your favorite thing. Moreso than me to be underneath. Perhaps, its understandably so. Such fair and free beings in the shade of these most loving trees, I see. Finally see. You are me.
Oct 1 · 199
This Yearning Be
Colm Oct 1
I love you more than anything me.
Wait for you like ocean tides in knowing.
And speak with fire like stars, where our hearts reside, burning.
In ever we will be.
This yearning.
Colm Oct 1
And then one day
   When the sky’d had enough of it winded and vitriolic shame
With eyes wide as well mouths
   Looking down from the most inhuman skies abound
On that one day
   When the world wouldn’t stop for even a second anymore

It rained
Spinning Rains and Storms - RAIN
Sep 29 · 83
A Home Already Known
Colm Sep 29
Neither fear nor memory
This face unfound
I am
Never was
Having since been freed
To find each other in this continual roam
I am all patched up and ever headed, awaiting, home

Based on bullet holes and hopeful thoughts.
Colm Sep 28
Aimless words
   Were known to me
       In many few
During days like moons

     But you, but you
           Were a sunshine moment
    In a fleeting sky
Behind both eyes

And now our words
Would be like bees
    In pollinated thought
           And buzzing minds alive

She A Buzzing Reader, Read Me Fast
Sep 28 · 188
C 6
Colm Sep 28
C 6
I just want to sit somewhere. And drink coffee with no-one. Until my thoughts are renewed, and my feet spring alive with a new thread of carbon.
Sep 25 · 89
Another Name Forgotten
Colm Sep 25
Waiting patiently. Hoping to catchup with the most honest time. The kind which chimes but doesn't turn, more than a second at a time. The kind which doesn't know how to lie, even when it's meant in kind. I see you now. I see you in goodbye. And I'm gladly rid of your hypocrisy. Nice try.
This person was a disgrace.

Gladly free of them.
Sep 22 · 206
Colm Sep 22
Ensnaring eyes no more be seen
But the memory of you
This power over me
Since the first I see
In dreams
You probably never saw me that way, which is OK
Colm Sep 18
There is a day which always comes
Like a sudden storm at summer ends
Like the echo of a drum
No words exchanged or even needed still
No letters signed were ever sent
Since my youth
The cold always begins without a word of truth
And with a lie the warmth end
Sep 15 · 208
Many Years A Line
Colm Sep 15
Is there no one left who has walked this line of mine?
It might as well be a tightrope at this point
So rigid and refined
(by comparison)

Guess that's what makes it mine, lol
Sep 15 · 178
jacaranda blossoms
Colm Sep 15
Never stop
Or in questioning fail
To bloom regardless of allergic beings

Were you ever meant to stay
Forever in the shade
Of the nearby houses and skyward trees

Always and intently
You were ever meant to be
Blossoms floating down a Mississippi stream

Just to join in the open discourse
Of the most willing and most begotten
Lifelong love at sea

So be
And never stop being

"We wait for the rain, and the promise remains"
Sep 14 · 1.0k
Colm Sep 14
Reach out ... when all around is falling down
When snows delay dissolves in hope
And sun is dashed by weathered time alike
Stand up, in being, when nothing's left
No place to rest or lay your weary head
In misery and mind alike
Reach up ... until your old bones stretch
And with a cracking desire your weariness fades
Like the common sky into the masked clouds alike
Sep 13 · 65
Dark Hair Sea
Colm Sep 13
Dark as wood grain ocean stain
With ripples I have not
In mind
My fingers
Swim happily crash within waves
Until I am forgot
Sep 11 · 85
Roads Which Be
Colm Sep 11
Well traveled roads
Are not to be looked down upon
Are not always in being bad
Or even good

But they are well traveled
If you frequent them
And if your feet call for home
And out of your existence traced back there to where

Then in being and bound
There will be no shame
For it is as it would
As they should
Colm Sep 9
You are the radience inside my heart
The warmth within my December hue
The fire above my hearth
Is you
As you're always burning, not the answer
But the voice which softens in the dark
The winds which whisper in the snow laden park
And speaks of secret ivory keyswere alive
Theses always were
Is you
"You were not the same after that"
Sep 9 · 172
Five Lines Of Fire
Colm Sep 9
Lifted up from an ocean death
You breathed into my chest a breath
And gave me fire from the sun to glow
Thunder in the ears of me
And lightning bolts to throw
Sep 8 · 197
True Symmetry Of Mind
Colm Sep 8
We are not fragile
You and I
Nor are we blunt and filled with either dramatic or traumatic cries
No talk of sea or stars or moon or sky
Can compare to the mirror and its vacant airs
To the coin and its other side alike
Of the same material made within different minds
No other two halves can compare
Or be undone as one
With so much as a stare it is know to be
Our love is a spiral
Be it up or down
Ever perfectly in earth or air
True Symmetry Of Mind
Colm Sep 8
How often do the clouds get looked at
For who they are
As compared to what you think you see?
In them and these?
If you would be so kind
As to opt into please
Would you commit this
Our memory
To memory
What do
You see
Sep 6 · 161
Eryn Galen
Colm Sep 6
It's sanded pine
It's endless time
And summers spent
On nothing at all

It's the graciousness of seasons set
With a perfect fade
In this woodland realm
I'll never fall
It's Elvish
Sep 6 · 49
Colm Sep 6
If my heart sings
   And I give you songs
   You'll know of such sounds
(in a quiet whisper)
   And in sounding out
   Before so long
You'll know
Your love is a song
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