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Jun 2013
She ties strings around my joints
And controls all my motions.
When her finger points,
I have to be in position.

With her push and her pull,
My helpless body moves.
I'm under her rule;
She makes all my grooves.

I have no right to speak;
She's the only one with the voice.
Not even a squeak;
I don't have any choice.

β€œDo this” and β€œdo that,”
She commands me like a ***.
With just a snap, just like that.
If only I could run.

How much I envy little Pinocchio.
He was once a puppet who turned into a real boy.
I am no puppet, I know.
I am human, but being manipulated like a toy.
#2, Jan.2011
Ever read something you wrote two years ago which you can't believe you actually meant? Yeah.
Jami Samson
Written by
Jami Samson  Philippines
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