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May 2020
Alas, Spring is here!

A fine young woman
Hearty and young
Full of life

Plump and fertile
With pale white skin
Pink cheeks, lively eyes
And brown curls around her face

Her arms are full
With flowers of yellow and white
And she carries loaves of bread
In a sack on her back

Children skip behind her
In streams of laughter
And she leaves a trail
Of petlas on their path

She wears a halo of sun
Above her full face

And a flower crown
On her soft bed of hair

She breaths warmth on the days
Melting mornings like butter

And when she cries, it rains
And the town becomes silent
Giving room to the boom
Of her sorrowful roars

And when it is finished
She sings with joy
And the birds chime in
And the grass lifts
And horses drink peacefully
From a nearby stream

And the sky outpours its light
Affirming all will be alright

People rush from their doors
To observe the spring fair
Enjoying her celebratory visit
As the earth opens up,
To give way to life.

And when she leaves
Ever-so-quietly one night,
Her sister comes knocking,
Early in the next morning
With her fire red hair and safari eyes
Jumping and dancing and kissing the moon
Summer has arrived-

Followed by father autumn,
Whose quiet power
Sways life from the trees.
And mother winter,
Who brings comfort and rest
With her blanket of white.

Till' again spring returns
And all the world rejoices
At the arrival of their favorite guest,

Generous and humble
Written by
More Love
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