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Mar 17
People ask me what do I write about?
Sometimes after reading my poems they give an awkward silence as if they’ve read something bad.
And again everything boils down to the obvious question that they’ll ever have …
“What do you write about ???”
If I say that they are about my feelings, they’re love poems,
The only question that flies out of the crowd is that :
“Who broke your heart?”
“Whom do you write about?”
“Whom do you write for?”
This was and still is the only question to which I didn’t had neither I have any immediate answer,
because no one broke my heart, neither they ripped me apart…
They just moved away from me like the wind which I just started liking…
Poetry has it’s own form of heart  break.
It indulges you and keeps you away,
It binds you back yet makes you fall apart.
Poetry does not happen when only your heart is broken…
It happens when you start questioning  yourself ,
when you start doubting  the relationship you just had,
or when you over-think to an ideal situation,
Ideal situation of an ideal love, not knowing that
Love is like the flames of a borne fire…,
Never the same but sometimes diminished.

Sometimes those people write the best kind of love poems who
have had no relationships at all.
But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t experienced love or their heart hasn’t been broken.
There are a million professions in this world and so
Are the reasons to have a broken heart.

Love poems aren’t about the feeling of love,
They are ones perspective about love.
Love poems aren’t a side effect of separation…
They are an aftershock of over-thinking.
over-thinking leads to huge drafts like these which tends to be meaningless with time
and never hold back the same value they had to the writer when they were written,
just like this write-up you’ve just read
or the democracy in which you live …
An answer to all the questions asked which were left unanswered
Himangshu Singh
Written by
Himangshu Singh  18/M
     Vishal Pant and Me
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