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Feb 2020
Is Poetry a Language of it’s own ?

Someone ask why I write poetry, Another poetry board I frequent had a contest, my first impression was they were lame. But each to his own.
When I’m inspired to write, it becomes a need to purge something deep within, in my subconscious or inner thoughts.
I always believe poetry is very personal to the poet. Poetry is not English or other national language. Poetry is its own Language, it allows you to express emotions, feelings, what We normally struggle with. Our heart, soul, subconscious, maybe a Quantum flash, write our real poems, and often you and others must search for what is being conveyed,  But always worth it.
May you be inspired and excited.
Jim Kirk-Wiggins (C) all rights reserved.
[i would be interested in your thoughts on what I said, pro and con] ?
Not poems. Marta  narrative about why poets write verse.
Written by
Jim Kirk  66/M/Alabama
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