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Feb 18
I ache for the furthest of fantasies
cruelly glittering in trickery
I wallow in a salty pool
as the sun burns my flesh to the bone
A brilliant canvas stands before me
and I paint it in the dullest white
Yet my brush is a deep blue
and my hands are red as wine
I stare at the translucent creature
observing itself in awe
I often long for green
hopes of seclusion from a neon reality
But my dreams are littered in the poison
my eyes shrivel at the harsh orange
polluting the field with her petals
The clouds turn a murky brown
excrement pours from above
Even my mirage mocks me
She laughs at me in turquoise
and sobs clog my throat
like roses and burnt rubber
it leaks from my pores
Candle wax coats her fingers
an unsettling caress and a ticking clock
the distance morphs into a bomb
I stab it with my yellow spear
and grey lead stains my teeth
Her scent of paper turns to lavender
my hands are empty as I climb
I gaze into the mirror’s remnants
and my reflection slowly decays
screaming with laughter as I wait for her
Written by
Mei  F/Connecticut
   Mikey Kania and Michael Stefan
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