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Jan 30
Its quiet here, the only sound is my footsteps tap tap tapping on a narrow silver path, I can look up and see stars falling like tears but look down and see a nothing that goes on for years. I run for miles on the narrow silver path the silver reflects my desperation I need to get out. I'm running and running memories chase me like dogs I can't get away my feet just sound wrong. Silver turns green, I'm in a sad grotto blond hair, blind eyes sit by a gold tree she's silent and screaming I know she sees me. I sit and awake in a wave of dark clouds in a blood red liquid that serves as a ground I walk and walk my feet splashing Scarlet until I see her dancing, a crying blind harlott short black hair streaming to nowhere beautifully tradgic she dances like magic. I close my eyes and i dance aside, waiting hopefully for the moment we die.
Jesus Christ! This poam *****! I just really needed to write something
Toast Ghost
Written by
Toast Ghost  16/F/~Wonderland~
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