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May 2013
I just love it.
can't get enough of it.,
just did a line and It's only nine
5 glasses over to the finest wine.
pant's around my feet , I'm pouncin to thiss beat.
I'm fealin for that ***** I think I'm actin thirsty.
my mind is a rush I really want my crush .
This dubby's so loud My head's in some cloud
I cant take a seetin my feet are takin thinkin.
I won't be  even blinkin.!
........................................And he's hear in his lincoln  mmm...
more beer , More gear more Cheer! my dear ^-^
bustin outta light show ,.
tahh Now wer'e sippin nd I'm trippin..
   how I'm trippin Nd i'm livinn.

(sais the white girl that want's to be a rapper)
Arrywill keepya smilin
Written by
Arrywill keepya smilin  Medford Oregon,
(Medford Oregon,)   
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