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lina Mar 2014
"the sun won't hear a thing" you said in that humid voice of yours
as i sat between your legs (for a change) and thought "no, the sun usually doesn't care for us"
the view we shared was timid and raw
like the way your top lip wrinkled every time we spoke of future
dreamed of committing sins, letting loose of grins
"i hear your" you said, as i did not reply
"you are a veil, i am your pride"
lina Nov 2013
i am fall
i am fog
i am everything lame in this world
you are the beach
you are the sheets
you are a sane vein in my beat
lina Oct 2013
I always said I needed space
but when will you get that I didn't particularly mean it literally
lina Sep 2013
don't let me see what you have in store
you're the weakest string I know, for sure

I will play you
I will spit on you
I will make you realise every second wasted since you were born

don't try to contact me
I'm unreachable
I¨ve been unfaithful

I stopped staring after some time
just haven't cared in a while
lina Aug 2013
You cannot face the fact without facing the crowd
You cannot let tangle slip without getting a bit lost
You cannot **** someone over without loving them first
You cannot tell a story without childhood memory

These things are our days
Our days are over

We are dead
**** me now

Don't wait

lina Jul 2013
wings in my brain
make it easier to see
i'm left out in the cold
doesn't matter, it's all good

money is no problem
people are awared
drugs are already here

can't really get my head around
why I feel this way
why it sometimes gets easy
to later just fall, into pretend

"you're bipolar"
they said
"welcome to hell"
they said
and nodded
fell into their beds
lina Jul 2013
Take me to where the streets have no name, darling. Take me away, from tears, from joy, from hell, from being under raised. Take me away, take me away. Take me very far away.
You might even go until you find someone else. You might even go until you find yourself. It's the trip that's important, not the fault of being away. It's the trip that make you stay, it's the trip that make you who you are today.
You might wanna tell the world what problem's you noticed around. You might wanna tell me what I'm supposed to to while you're gone.

This is just jibbish, this is stupid, this is futile.
This is not good at all.
This is just frank and ernie on a trip to dubai.
This is kent and barbie together in a vault.
This is dragons and donkeys making babies in the dark.
This is drinks and cigarettes proposing to girls.
This is the moon and the sun forgetting the world.
This is life, this is death, this is all that we are.
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