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Dec 2019
Beneath my skin lies an ocean
into which you swim.
Moonlight shadows
beams of light.
These are my joys and my mothers dreams and tears.
For as I gently soothe your troubled skin
So to ships do I sink
Mother and lover, daughter, obedient wife
my wet within me gives and holds life.
We nurture, we love, we strive to do right
But the pain of our ocean beats a heavy drum
Upon our hearts, our thighs.
History repeats itself.
Its not simple to relearn.
The bird can only sing its mother father song.
Instinctively we gather, that which we know.
Planets form and then they grow.  
My father didn’t see his mother smile
and I wish I would mine.
Wrecks of old ships lie dormant quietly in my bed
When sailors were lost or found.
But amongst the ruins there will one day be life
a new world of corals and forest within which my children will swim
Quietly sitting buried in time 
today will be history and tomorrow we will be loved, safely
for our feminine again.
My water, it may sink.
It distorts the song of my eternally loving soul
it drowns those too timid to swim
it rocks the boats that seek fleeting beauty of the shore
it fights those who contain it, force it to take another shape
but within these tides, these rivers of my love
these dangerous depths of deep and dark blues
lives all of my love
for every one of you. 
Just as tears are born from the eyes of laughter.
My oceans are born from the feelings of my love for you.
And I wait. For the brave, gentle, scuba diver
to find the treasures hidden amongst the wasteground of the sunken ships
Written by
Spacecadet  42/F/UK
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