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Nov 2019
i used to be independent
making every move on my own.
but now i seek help/guidance on everything i need done.
i wanna say i lost myself
but i don’t know where.
it’s almost as if the further i get away from you i slowly disappear.
it’s been years since i’ve even seen you, or heard your soft voice.
but i know you still think of me because you’ll check on me every few months.
i tell you i’m doing great because in reality i am.
but beneath the layers there’s pain that i don’t think anyone knows that’s there.
i try to stay busy and keep people near
but i have so much emotion that it’s hard to conceal.
i still run from my problems if you ever wondered
i don’t have the strength to face them head on.
i lost that in you and never regained that.
but one thing you did teach me is how to love deep and that is something i’ll never forget
just like you
i’ll never forget.
lost cause
Written by
lost cause
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