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Nov 2019
Within the glow of her half breed heart
she found enough pieces of herself to go on.
While out in the real world time stood still,
waiting for her, yet never looking back

Winter would weep frozen tears before the thawing of spring,
Only then could she emerge from beneath its shimmering coat.

And though yet another season was within her sight
she paled in remorse over past desertions of faith.
If she’d only had the wisdom that is now awakened in her
as she embarked on her journey into that cold, cold night.

Her thoughts her only friend and yet still they pained
with the frostbitten air of her faith’s retaliatory wrath.

On into the night she crept silent amongst the spirits,
the only true guides left for her to follow without worry.
Her own tears now lay in frozen streaks across her face.
Frantically she tries to brush them away, but they cut her.

Bright red flowing life running down painting the snow,
covering the earth, she was leaving with her living memory.

Not much longer could she wait for the spirits to find her again,
to heal her wounds and carry her into a new tomorrow.
She falls to the ground curling herself up into a ball as the last
drops of her mortal life run into the snow. She dies.

The world was silent, nothing not even the wind spoke.
The ice melted, the rivers thawed and the trees lifted.

As spring ignited from out of the life she had left behind,
her beauty was reflected throughout every living thing.
She had given herself back to the earth for renewal,
her spirit now free to roam with the spirits and guide others.

Her wounds no longer capable of holding her back, she flew
out into the dawn of a new day on her new wings of light.
Written by
Lou Romano  59/M/Miami, FL
(59/M/Miami, FL)   
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