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Jun 2020 · 82
Wet dream
Lou Romano Jun 2020
blue for as far
as the mind can see.
White tipped waves
searching for a shore


and returning to the sea
The scent of the ocean
wafting thru the air
that’s so wet
you can wring it out.

Pelicans and seagulls
on the horizon,
diving into schools
of fleeting fish
that appear to be dancing.

keeping time with
with the reflections
of the setting sun.

Rippling across the waves
that spray over the sides
of your mind

Making rainbows
that disappear
into the winds
as quickly as they appeared

but not before
cooling your body
with their spray
and waking you
from your slumber

to the realization
that it’s all a dream
A wonderful *******
Jun 2020 · 95
Lou Romano Jun 2020
Blinded by brilliant displays of illusion
like painted windows peering into emptiness
as a mind unfurls in the expanses of eternity

Chattering along a path to inner freedom
As dandelions float on wisps of thought
gently rocking paradoxical lives of leisure

While the intentions of a charismatic dream
drift quietly down to where shadows meet in darkness
at high noon on soap boxes to mourn the setting sun

Ambiguity buried behind a veil of mindlessness
erupting from a frenzied denial of truth, slapped in the faces
of the holier than thou as they pray for lost souls

Living within self inspired comas of deception
where vague truths knock daily on open doors
that lead to nothingness, where no one's home
Jun 2020 · 517
Reality bites
Lou Romano Jun 2020
Carry me, far far away
to the places in my dreams.
Reality’s just somewhere to visit
where nothing is, as it seems
Jun 2020 · 55
Lou Romano Jun 2020
darkness, the unlight
whats left when light is gone
what was before it came
it is not made it simply is

light can only pierce the darkness
but darkness is everywhere
the moon and stars are but lighthouses
beacons in the night

only on earth do darkness and light
appear to be equals
and only on earth is darkness seen as the evil side
but not in the reality of the universe

when the sun eventually burns out there will be darkness
when all else ceases there will be darkness
nothing can stop it
for it is its own source
and feeds upon itself

it is the alpha and the omega of natural evolution
it is the sea from which came the light
the fertile breeding ground of the universe
the womb that gave us life
and when life ends it is the welcome home

the calm before the storm that is life
and the tranquility when it ends
Jun 2020 · 158
Good bye
Lou Romano Jun 2020
You placed land mines,
put up walls,
and strung barbed wire
around the path
to your heart.
Closed and locked
the doors
and windows
to your soul.
Leaving us
but one road to travel
in opposite directions.
Jun 2020 · 509
I don't believe
Lou Romano Jun 2020
I don’t believe I’ll believe in anything any more

Not in love
Not in reason
Not in faith
Only treason

Not in the hate I’ve seen in your heart
Not in the love we’ve lost
Not in the seasons of time gone by

And not in tears
Bitter sweet in your eyes

For you’ve taken from me all I believed in

Took my love
Took my reason
Took my faith
With your treason

Showed me the bitterness and hatred
Took away the seasons
All of my reasons for believing

In living
In loving
In giving
In eternity
Apr 2020 · 386
Covid blues
Lou Romano Apr 2020
I'm so tired
In this cage
Life admired
Can't engage

Wasting away
Pitiful sorrow
Praying today
For life tomorrow
Lock-down blues
Nov 2019 · 133
Lou Romano Nov 2019
My brother once asked me this question
But by the time I knew the answer,
he was gone

What’s left
When life, is cherished no longer
and you can’t see through the tears
What’s left
when your tired of elusive happiness
and searching for truth without fears

There was a time I thought I knew,
what this life was all about
And if you asked me, I could tell you
What to look for along the route
But that time for me is now long gone
And memories once strong have faded
Now I see life through eyes of death
My conviction’s gone sour, I’m jaded

What’s left
When you’ve put the gun to your head
And consciously made your decision
What’s left
When your finger is upon death’s trigger
And there’s no turning back, no remission
What’s left
When you’re gone

Only now dear brother is the answer so painfully clear


A hole in your head
A hole in our lives
A hole in our hearts
A hole in the ground
My brother took his own life many years and many tears ago... He was 21. I still miss him, sometimes angrily, sometimes sadly... He killed himself because the woman he loved left him and in his depression he could see no other way to end his pain... The anniversary of his suicide is coming up in January and after 38 years the only hole that's been filled is the hole in the ground. There have been many times in my life that I thought I wanted to join him, but I pull this old poem out and reread it and I know that whatever it is that's depressing me can be dealt with without going to that extreme! Don't give into depression! It's but a day in life and once you decide to continue you'll find you have so many good days to live that a few bad days aren't worth throwing it all away for! Make the choice to continue! Make the choice to live!
Nov 2019 · 104
Winds of change
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Entertaining life’s illusions
he dances upon the leaves
that the winds of change have piled
neatly beneath a Harvest Moon.

Eclipsed by the heart of this soulless scarecrow
who stands alone in his field of dreams
awaiting the plows that will rebuild
his vision’s of tomorrow.
Nov 2019 · 93
Rings & strings
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Soaring beyond our own infinite dreams
Plotting universal conceptual themes
Forward nor backwards nor up and or down
Gravity, it’s holding us down to this ground

A stitch in time passes, through folded space
that can take us away, back to a place.
Where unseen strings are rings that appear,
will defy all logic for many a year

Riding a rift through spaces of time,
reflecting on future visions refined.
Seeking dimensional barriers to wake,
eleven it seem’s, the number to make
For the physicist's out there
Nov 2019 · 262
Open and closed
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Eyes closed, imagining, dreaming
Eyes open, materializing realizations
Heart closed, empty and cold
Heart open, warm and full
Mind closed, stagnating and lost
Mind open, expanding the universe
Hands closed, denying uninviting
Hands open, accepting and giving
Arms closed, withdrawn, uneasy
Arms open, welcoming life and love
Nov 2019 · 80
Never fade
Lou Romano Nov 2019
It’s raining and we’re laying face to face
In the clubhouse where our sweet, sweet love was made
A private universe created in this space
A light so bright it could not ever fade
Nov 2019 · 223
Wasted love
Lou Romano Nov 2019
When the summer turns to fall
I get these feelings, and recall
All the times love’s past me by
And I let it go with just a sigh…
Nov 2019 · 116
The poet and the blind man
Lou Romano Nov 2019
A poet searches
thru the light to find.
Where inspiration lives.
Where the words
are the visions of dreams
that flow
thru his soul
and take him with.
To where it is his heart does live
and his spirit guides his sight.
Flowing from within
directing his pen,
in endless streams of delight.

A blind man searches
thru the night to see.
His dreams his only vision
And the only light
he’s ever seen,
knowing only intuition.
If he were to paint a picture
what a wonder it would be.
From his spirit it’d
have to flow,
and be, guided by his dreams.
Abstract visions of places
that pass in lighted streams.
Wondrous visions of beauty
he’s never had sight to’ve  seen.
Nov 2019 · 59
The Misereality
Lou Romano Nov 2019
When you try to go
to sleep at night and simply
cannot stop your brain

And your thoughts they can’t
be turned off and you just know
you’re going insane

When you lay your head
upon your pillow at night
and can’t find your dreams

And your world crumbles
on a daily-basis and
life’s not what it seems

When your thirst for life
has been so long forgotten
you no longer care

And wallowing in
pools of your own self pity
is your only fare

When you have known it
and can surely comprehend
a mans frustrations

Then you have found it
the misereality
Nov 2019 · 148
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Pain is strong
But I am stronger
It's been too long
But I'll last longer
Nov 2019 · 69
Where I have become
Lou Romano Nov 2019
A journey, a trek,
a trip down a long and lonely road
that led me to butterfly kisses
in a reign of dementia,
settling silently upon my mind,


My muse lost in the fall
somewhere between a bed of lilacs
in shades of purple and turquoise blue,
and the elaborations of a tormented soul
battling reflections of his past.

Nothing more than a silhouette of time rendered reality

This is what I have lapsed into,
where I have gone,
why you have not seen me.
Though I stood beside you,
This is where I hid, in this nothingness.

Not who I am, but where I have become.
Nov 2019 · 119
In logic
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Where the hell is the door
I’ve got to get out of here
Oh no…no….it can’t be
there really is no way out
Everything is in the in,
I ran out of my house
But was still in the yard
I got out of my car
But was still in the lot
Going out of my mind
But still in my body
Perhaps when I die
They’ll bury me outside of the box
Yea that’s it……no wait,
that won’t work either
I’ll still be in the ground
The is no way out...
Nov 2019 · 79
Wintered faith
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Within the glow of her half breed heart
she found enough pieces of herself to go on.
While out in the real world time stood still,
waiting for her, yet never looking back

Winter would weep frozen tears before the thawing of spring,
Only then could she emerge from beneath its shimmering coat.

And though yet another season was within her sight
she paled in remorse over past desertions of faith.
If she’d only had the wisdom that is now awakened in her
as she embarked on her journey into that cold, cold night.

Her thoughts her only friend and yet still they pained
with the frostbitten air of her faith’s retaliatory wrath.

On into the night she crept silent amongst the spirits,
the only true guides left for her to follow without worry.
Her own tears now lay in frozen streaks across her face.
Frantically she tries to brush them away, but they cut her.

Bright red flowing life running down painting the snow,
covering the earth, she was leaving with her living memory.

Not much longer could she wait for the spirits to find her again,
to heal her wounds and carry her into a new tomorrow.
She falls to the ground curling herself up into a ball as the last
drops of her mortal life run into the snow. She dies.

The world was silent, nothing not even the wind spoke.
The ice melted, the rivers thawed and the trees lifted.

As spring ignited from out of the life she had left behind,
her beauty was reflected throughout every living thing.
She had given herself back to the earth for renewal,
her spirit now free to roam with the spirits and guide others.

Her wounds no longer capable of holding her back, she flew
out into the dawn of a new day on her new wings of light.
Nov 2019 · 66
Winds of creation
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Creativity is gathered
in the sails of our mind
where the universe
flows through us
and our thoughts collect

If we simply open our sails
the winds of creation
will take us where they may.

But our sails are fragile,
if we try too hard,
to force our thoughts
they will rip holes through the fabric
and the winds of creation
will pass right through,

and take us nowhere
Nov 2019 · 165
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Spanning between two points of darkness
Eyes open
Floating on streams of light

Spanning between two points of darkness
Eyes closed
Staring into the darkness

Spanning between two points in time
Eyes open
Navigating streams of light

Spanning between two points of life
Eyes closed
Resting for the next adventure
Nov 2019 · 77
Artists rendition
Lou Romano Nov 2019
She was alive with the vibrant colors
of the Indian dress she wore.
Light danced around her,
its brilliance refracted in her eyes.

Translucent beams of screaming color
poured out from her soul,
flowed onto her canvas,
in the shapes of her visions divine.

The artist that was always within her
found a tempting muse,
as a scene unfolded,
echoed by the gentle strokes of her brush.

Light pouring through the evening clouds
as a summer rain ends.
A rainbow takes its place
atop a setting sun masterpiece of a sky
Nov 2019 · 341
Waves of creation
Lou Romano Nov 2019
when the world is quiet
I let my mind free
To wander where it will go

And sometimes,
when the silence lingers
my soul escapes it bonds
And dances with my heart

As my heart and soul dance
I feel a rhythm flowing
And I’m caught up in its currents

And sometimes,
I capture the essence of that rhythm
and for one glorious moment
I can surf upon the waves of creation
Nov 2019 · 83
January Man
Lou Romano Nov 2019
I have walked thru the rain to get to where I’m going,
Trudging thru the waters, yet never really knowing.
What it is I am in search of, what I need to be set free.

My umbrella no longer stopping the rain from finding me,
seems it’s rather tattered too, been abused like me, you see.
I gave up seeking shelter back in nineteen eighty-three

Though some times when I look back, at how warm a home can be.
Makes me wish that I had kept mine, maybe followed that destiny.
But I fear not the path I’ve chosen, nor the place that it’s led me.

And I am now in the December, of my life upon this earth.
Maybe not lived to the fullest, but I’ve had my livings worth.
When I leave, I know no one will be mourning my de-birth.

I leave with quite good conscience, I’ve done harm to not a one,
I’m certain where I’m going, is the place from where I’ve come.
I’ll be back in January as surely as shines the sun.
Nov 2019 · 54
Lou Romano Nov 2019
What the it
Holy it
Cut the it
What the it
Some people choose to eat it and cry
Some need to it before they can fly
Some like to roll in it
Or be in a heap of it
Though none of them can take it
Most like to give it
Some of them come up smelling like roses
After stepping in it
Some smell like it all the time
Some people I know can eat it and die
And this is certainly full of it
Good for a laugh, not much more...
Nov 2019 · 60
Out thru the light
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Drifting away
lost in cyberspace.
No longer a survivor
of this human race.
Scattered thru time
between dark and light.
A magnificent web
spirals into the night

My opponent is tiring
as I move in for the ****
Forthcoming evil
Lurking here still
From behind the walls
that confine the night
Everyone flickers
and goes out
thru the light
Nov 2019 · 61
Yet here I am
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Alone, within these concave walls
that hold me from floating out of my mind
into space, diluted in a universal pool
of infinite perception.

I long for someone to knock on my door,
awaken me from this dreamless slumber
from where I cannot remember that
which came before I fell, did I fall?

I have drifted, bouncing off these same
gray walls of nothingness for so long
I can recall no more than a faint
remembrance of what came before.

Am I destined to continue circling
in an upward spiral, with each pass
bringing me further from the destination
I had aspired to achieve, in futility?

Looking downward from above
at my lifeless temple, it is all so clear.
The one, I thought I knew is gone.
Life, as I knew it, is no more.

Yet here I am!
Nov 2019 · 165
Lou Romano Nov 2019
Fragments of the beautiful people we are,
are coming together in the mirrors of our minds.
The images are getting clearer!

The more we see,
the more we like,
the more we like,
the more we feel,
the more we feel,
the clearer we see
the clearer we become
until we are crystal clear
shining like the diamonds we are!

When we reach the form of "diamond"
in the mirrors of our minds;
we wield the power to amaze and inspire each other
for life with our inner light and warmth!
But a diamond is also capable of cutting into our mirrors!
So, we also wield the power
to cut into each other
and scar each other for life.
Rewrite of an old poem I wrote around  2003-2004 Still not happy with last 4-lines...
Oct 2019 · 73
This old house
Lou Romano Oct 2019
We were talking by the fire
about the silence between us.

How we’ve used it to push each other
farther away,
yet now, closer somehow.

So funny we are

We fixed up our house
and put it up for sale
only to find
how much we love it here

It’s kind of like us you know.
We patched ourselves up,
just enough to be civil
and to decide
how we should end it.

And somewhere along the way
found each other again.

Here in this house.
Amongst the painting
and the fixing up
and the warmth of the fire,
we talked
until there was silence no more.
Oct 2019 · 845
Shattered dreams
Lou Romano Oct 2019
When I come to think
Yet they’re gone
Pay attention
If I don’t
I can see them
Flow through me
The streams of life
With tattered seams
Shattered dreams
With tattered seams
The streams of life
Flow through me
I can see them
If I don’t
Pay attention
Yet they’re gone
When I come to think
Lou Romano Oct 2019
The subject of this email is as usual... subjective! Not sure there is actually a subject involved? I mean if I just ramble on about any old thing that crosses my mind, how would that be described as a subject. I submit that the "subject" line of all emails should be moved to the end of an email! That way we would have a better grasp of what the subject of the email truly is.

Better yet it should automatically prompt you to go to the subject line when you click "send" to fill in at that time. Maybe the email program should even give samples of possible subject lines based on google's interpretation of what you have typed in the body of the email. Better yet that program should just run automatically and impose a subject line based on the information in the message body after it is run through several psychiatric data bases and analyzed and a consensus has been reached...

Hmmm... Now I'm thinking that there should be a mind to keyboard interface so we can do away with all this time-consuming typing! And while we're at it why not add a chip in our brains that thinks for us and sends the data it receives directly to the keyboard interface... I mean think of all the time we would save not having to think any more!

Why stop there? We can also add emotion chips so that when we are letting our thinking chip talk for us we can also have the emotions that our emotion chip thinks we should be feeling automatically inserted into the email with the capability of it being felt by the emotion chip in the person whose thinking and keyboard interface chips are perusing the email written by our thinking and keyboard interface chips.

Ooooh now I'm really thinking... why not install mini SD drives in our brains so we can change the way we feel by simply inserting a new SD card? That way if we happen to read one of the emails thought out by our thinking chip, written by our keyboard interface chip, analyzed and consented to by the psychiatric data bases and given a subject and we decide that we want to change the way it is perceived by the thinking chip of the recipient we can simply insert a different emotion SD card into our SD drive and have those new emotions embedded directly into the email!

***! This is genius! Imagine the time we could save! I could just go on and on with this! The applications are limitless. Why hasn't someone thought of this before? Oh wait, what am I thinking... this is old news. This is called brainwashing and the government and every major company in the world has been doing it since the dawn of capitalism!

I'm going to stop now because I am no longer sure if the words I write are my own, or if they are just a bunch of noise created by the humm of all the post hypnotic suggestive clutter in my brain from years and years of commercial TV and slick politician abuse.

That's all I have time for this morning. I apologize in retrospect for the emotional agony I have put your brain through while reading this inane banter...
Oct 2019 · 104
Utter Lunacy
Lou Romano Oct 2019
Insatiable insanity,
left wing, right foot, home.
Rectangular, triangular,
incapably prone.

Unable stigmatically,
invariably drone.
Whimsical fanatical,
address unknown

Sounds can describe
the words they convey.
Tranquil decisions can blur,
but do they.

Utter a word
to see what you say,
say what you see,
then be what you may.

Describe it in detail,
exhale every verb,
catch yourself, let yourself
grade on a curve.

But don’t strain your brain,
if it doesn’t make sense,
just take it all in,
come down off your fence.
Oct 2019 · 382
Lou Romano Oct 2019
Blue sadness drips
from long tired eyes,

her star weeps alone
filling entire oceans

with the salt of life
lived not living, but

dangling from strings,
a marionette's fate.
Oct 2019 · 76
Back to the One
Lou Romano Oct 2019
Neither forward nor sideways nor up and or down
Its backwards thru past lives a second time around
Touching on vague realities that seem familiar some how
On my way back to the beginning of my here and now

I was whole
I was alone
Moving forward
Out of time
In sequence with all I knew
I knew all
I was whole
I was all I knew

Then there was you
From out of nowhere
A collision
Piercing me
Filling me
With you
A struggle
Not enough room
An explosion
Pieces of me
Pieces of you
Flying through space
Time no longer standing still
Moving forward
As I dance across pieces of you and I
Gathering myself

Sorting out
Me from you
The inner workings
The foundations
The infinite possibilities
The right and the wrong
Left and right
Up and down
NO... backwards
I must go back
Thru the lives I have lived
The time that’s gone by
Relive the past
One past life at a time
Til I get back to the place
Before there was time
Stop the collision
From re-framing my mind

Imagine running towards a star as it goes Nova
That would be me
The star, the Nova
And you
The cause
My reason
Oct 2019 · 75
Letting Go
Lou Romano Oct 2019
I close my eyes I see your face
You lead me to my dark disgrace
You’re in my head
I’m hypnotized
Though I can’t see you with my eyes

In my stomach churn butterflies

You lead me where I dared not go
Away from sanity, I know
You led me far
Then told me lies
To cast your doubt upon my eyes

Take me away from paradise

Sometimes I think I know your name
I think I see right through your game
There’s only lies
Your alibis
The truth lay hidden from my eyes

All that you are I now despise

So take your leave, let me restore
Don’t want to see you any more
Not in my head
Nor my reprise
Be not the teardrops in my eyes

Go, be the dream, I let demise

— The End —