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Oct 2019
In the country side lived a cinder maid so beautiful , simple and kind .
But her step family
treated her ill and kept her in the cellars confined .

Rodents , lizards and geese   now her mates , in the basement a home she creates.
Takes care of all in need , a true friend indeed .
Close to cinders she finds her warmth , a wretched belle of sorts .

Lively , lovely in her domain ,
All smiles intact that they consistently remain ,
Pain and pleasure all taken in a platter , what so ever is the matter only peace she always wanted to scatter .
Benevolence is her jewel ,
Purity of heart is her daily fuel .

A simpleton she is at heart ,
Modesty plays a major part ,
Caring for all is only a simple art ,
True love is the magic she imparts .

Even as each day is passed in total mess , the harsh words of the step mother create alarming distress and  the ugly step sister's are always
teaming and scheming ,
Off in the woods to be in peace , the damsel in distress meets her prince charming .
Love blooms at first sight , but it's the most difficult plight ,
For the true identities are never disclosed and the cinder girl has to keep her secrets enclosed .

The prince now called for a ball to meet and greet his dream princess in the palace hall .
In a glance the one who stole his heart away , he now wanted to be with her everyday .
A bride she will be in his life for he wanted to choose her as his wife .

News spread far and away , the moment of joy came by  where lovely dames wanted to dance and sway .
All dressed in finery they came to impress the prince .
Cinderella dressed in her mother's gown
was ordered to not come to the town  , in the dark cellar she  stayed  crying and wishing to get a glimpse.

Fairy godmother heard her cry , she came to her aid as magical powers she wished to try .
With the twist of her wand and the magical behest , up popped a pumpkin into a carriage , the goose turned into a horseman , the lizards became the foot guards and the rats turned into horses fast .

Turning the girl into a princess all dressed in shimmery blue , beauty shining all through .
A pair of glass shoes she wore.
Godmother warned her to come back at midnight or just before .
For the magic would end at the stroke of twelve and the beautiful princess would turn to her usual self .

At last ! She rode to the ball , stunning the gaping bystanders in the hall .
she headed straight to the prince .
Without taking a chance the bedazzled prince asked her for a dance .
Surprising everyone in the hall , they danced until the princess heard the gong strike a call .
As now the words of the fairy godmother she had to recall .

She ran as fast as she could , in the moment lost one of her glass shoe on the palace stairs ,
Rushed and left with only one of the pairs !

Just at the nick of time she was back at the cellars to see her cruel sisters and  step mother talk about the ball and what a stunning , beautiful princess they saw in the palace hall .

The prince found the glass shoe and choose to find its owner .
He ordered the ministers to find the pretty princess in the kingdom's every corner.
The shoe that fit the dainty foot , would lead as clue to choose his wife , the ministers now hoot .

Pretty damsels stood in queue to try their fate and get in view .
None could get the foot in the shoe , with all pain they tried in vain .
The step sister's tried them too , Alas! their feet couldn't get in the shoe .

Each day as the same ordeal went on and on , the disguised prince heard a beautiful song and  followed the melody all along .
Lo behold ! to his surprise
He found the lady with  the beautiful voice .

As the angered step mother and cruel sister's came forth ,
The prince ordered them to stay away henceforth .

Amidst all the hue and cry
With a mellowed voice the prince ordered the surprised cinder girl to come forth and try  .
All present could now tell
The shoe slipped onto the cinder girls foot so
well .

The prince found his long lost love and the cinder girl behest in a stroke of luck .
With a heart of gold all she would forgive ,
From rags to riches she would now live  .
With no more tears hereafter they lived happily ever after .

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Cinderella is a folk tale embodying a myth-element of unjust oppression and triumphant reward. Thousands of variants are known throughout the world. The title character is a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances , that are suddenly changed to remarkable fortune.
This classic fairy tale is something that I grew up listening and reading. Building my own version I have tried to turn it into a narrative poem with some rhyme but in no particular poetic scheme..
Love this fairy tale as it's moral is  good wins over evil always and positivity is a remarkable feature here.
My own Cinderella story...a small liitle tribute to this classic fairy tale ...thanks for reading !!
Written by
MrunaliniDNimbalkar  F/India
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