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Sep 2019
Here I still float,
In a void of space.
Cold and still watching,
From the same distant place.

I drift around aimless,
But guided by the pulls,
Of a wanting to be held,
In the gravity of loves flow.

I see them look up,
Sometimes upon me.
Often looking past,
It's the stars that they see.

Yet little do these wonders,
Of life down below,
Realize I see similar,
Sorts of twinkles and glows.

Occasionally I spot one,
A love I yearn for.
Such a gentle sweet kindness,
From them, freely pours.

Always steadfast,
Locked down in place.
Of a different cosmic object,
And not to mingle in my fate.

I know I can't crash,
Myself into their world.

So silently I'll drift...

In my slow solitary twirl...
A continuation of "Being Moonman"
Rob K
Written by
Rob K
     Rob K, --- and Chelsea Rae
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