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Rob K Feb 2021
There is always a worst form struggle.
No matter, how great, is our own.
It's not that the worst is one permanent.
It's in a moment, when a worse is fully grown.

It's found, in the eb and flow of our solitude.
If our worst, reigns, supreme.
Solitary in room or in thought,
Do we ascend, to that horrific being.

Honor those horror filled instances,
With memories, never to be lost.
And in our hearts, forever lend grace,
When our turn, it currently, is not.
Dec 2020 · 65
Rob K Dec 2020
If I were a shooting star,
Which would I be?

The shot aiming,
For some place new.

Or the flame engulfed body,
Hurling to the ground to be subdued...

Would I be the speck of mass,
That burns before reaching a home?

Or would be a greatest wish,
The your hope had long ago sewn,..

If I were a shooting star.
What would you see?
Dec 2020 · 58
Second Chance Soul Search
Rob K Dec 2020
20 years ago I recall...
When time actually stopped.
And for a moment,
I was alone with myself.

My mind,
My body,
My heart and my soul,
Put all desires, high on a shelf.

Little blips of darkness,
Like flickering black holes,
Would sometimes...
Corrupt this peace.

But I slowly put thought,
Into who I really was.
Could I be a man...
Or just another meece.

It wasn't until,
I put foolish logic,
Onto what my life,
Was really created for.

That I sold out my moment,
Of time standing still...
And that sell out,
Made me, a *****.

I've been blessed once again,
With time put on ice.
Standing in place.

So many more cracks,
In the world that I live.
Than the last time...
I paused, in this space.

And in the cold reflections,
I see myself.
And I wonder,
Who that person, should really be.

Each step I take forward,
Shoots crackling splinters inside,
Like walking on a frozen lake...
With ice formed so thinly.

This time, this moment,
This universe put on pause.
With shooting stars,
Mid streak in the sky.

I'll walk under them,
And we'll talk of my sin.
Hang out with wishes...
Until I love what's inside.
Dec 2020 · 58
And here we are
Rob K Dec 2020
I never really wanted control.
I simply sought to limit my exposure,
To the dangers that persist.

The people, situations,
The moments of life,
That believe peace...
Shouldn't ever, exist.

This never meant I wanted to be master,
One who holds...
All of the keys.

For the more keys in my pockets,
The more cumbersome,
Each step tends to be.

The only control I really sought after,
Was one over, only my own key.

To lock my door from all others,
Embracing isolation, who lets me be me.

But being myself to no one.
Is much like, the questions of old

Like, If no one witnesses a tree falling,
Did it truly whither, from being alone and cold...

I still have monsters...
I still bare so much sin.

And here we are now forever...
Me, myself, and I...
In a game, we shall never win.

So if life has proven me in one thing.
It is that never should I trust.

Which if you know this truth as well...
What's the answer, as it makes life...

A bust...

And here...

All directions...  Is death on the cusp.
Sep 2020 · 52
Wistfully Big Fish
Rob K Sep 2020
I wish I could be the one,
Written in the stories of old.
Who saw his fairest of maiden,
And collapsed, breath caught, in his soul.

Though Big Fish, I might have been,
Able to chase his sun across the world.
Poorly hooked, I did, let myself get,
And my weight began to swirl.

Until I lay beached,
And watch you drift away.
Gasping in desperation,
To try another day.

But I've looked upon my reflection,
From the little ripples that reach out to me.
The sun may be my longing,
But I must return, back into the sea.

And as the ripples pull at me,
Back to a place I can heal.
I thank this final sunset...
For reminding me, such love is real.
Sep 2020 · 56
Rob K Sep 2020
A day doesn't pass,
Where my thoughts aren't with you.
And I long, for the strength,
To hold the sun...
Sep 2020 · 63
Beginning of the Path
Rob K Sep 2020
With the amount of trauma,
And amount I've suffered,
For as long as I've endured, these both.

I realized long ago,
This would be healing till I die.
And I'm scared, of how long I have to go.
Sep 2020 · 45
A Life Out Of Touch
Rob K Sep 2020
Woke up from a dream,
Where I was a leaf,
Being passed up an ever growing tree.
From stem to stem, branch to branch, I was passed along up the tree.  
And as I, this leaf ascended, being pushed along by the tree itself, everyone I loved so much, sat on branches, leaning against the trunk like Huckleberry Finn might, if he were resting in a tree.  
And as I'd pass them, they'd look at me so lovingly,
Hold a hand out as if to catch me,
But no one ever actually caught and held me, the leaf, forever being pushed along up the tree.

Until I the leaf, neared the top of the tree.
And I as an old man sat in the very top branches.
Surrounded by everyone I loved.  
Crying so painfully.  
Reaching out to me, the leaf.  
Wanting to hold me just once...
Until I passed my old man self too...  
And left the tree on a breeze.  
Never to see them again.
Sep 2020 · 38
Deserved Secrets
Rob K Sep 2020
You have your secrets.
Experiences, who's description, will never cross your lips.
Not to God.
The Devil.
Regardless, whatever they may know.

Keep them.
It's fine.
For you are who you are now.
And who you were...
Doesn't deserve you.
Sep 2020 · 33
Loves Triumph of Darkness
Rob K Sep 2020
I want to tell you a story,
Of a man touched by sin.
At the start of his life,
Where his soul did begin.

But we pick up at a moment,
Where his freedom is found.
By his savior in horror,
Wrapped, in black gown.

"I wish to let go,
and in you fully trust.
Do what you will...
Do what you must..."

She gave herself freely.
Knowing his soul.
Touched by his warmth,
Having snuggled in his glow.

But he was dark dressed,
Just as was she.
Pain in them both,
Raged like a tumultuous sea.

Both had long ago,
Whispered their woes.
Clasped hands in pure trust.
And swore to go where each other would go.

"Be free" her last words,
And the demon awoke.
Her laying in darkness.
Him burning with smoke.

He hovered above her,
And let loose his rage.
She lay silently...
Both linked by their faith.

Bedding was shredded,
Walls cracked and fell.
His fury split heaven,
Her fear drown out hell.

And he looked down on her,
No mark had been made.
It was as they both imagined.
The end of their days.

He tipped his head gently,
Bared teeth held in awe.
At the glowing of her heart.
And the depth of its draw.

He bit her heart gently.
Without even a thought.
Drew in all of her essence,
Until her body was stopped.

Panic arose,
"Oh god it's as I feared!"
He tried to pour her back,
But black ooze only smeared.

And then a little glimmer,
Of whom he gave his life.
Warmed deep within him.
And with her glowing faithful knife...

She carved a path,
Up into his chest.
And his glow she unburied,
For a moment they rest.

"You... my love...
Pulled me from my corpse.
Through your hellish figure,
You took the soul that was yours."

"And as I have promised,
Through the love that we share.
I claimed the soul that is mine,
So we can finally leave here."

Cloaks made of ashes,
From each others burned away husk.
Formed on their shoulders,
A reminder, of pasts touch.

Now pure of light,
Wrapped in the softness of ash.
They found freedom in trust...
And walked their days, with a laugh...
Sep 2020 · 32
His Worth
Rob K Sep 2020
He's been broken by everyone,
While being a rock to be counted on.
The gravel of himself,
He's rebuilt time and time again.

He's a fragile stone,
A story written in fissures,
Who landslides on your peaks,
Because you're the whole range...

Of where his real connection to earth,
Begins and it ends.
And he's worth...
Holding his hands.
Sep 2020 · 37
Disconnected Conflict
Rob K Sep 2020
Insides, clenched by a grip.
"Walk carefully..."
Else that last step,
You could fall, you could tip.

Throw, myself,
Down, onto the floor.
"Please finally spill out,
So I don't feel this anymore..."

Rise, up and be empty.
But the pipes are still full,
And the well's full of plenty.

Logically, just disconnect.
But there only one line,
And the good goes with the rest.
Sep 2020 · 34
Oldest of Old Issues...
Rob K Sep 2020
Hey there boy,
What's you're name?
Don't mind me,
You'll be gone anyway.

It's a simple transaction,
Inside of my chest.
I don't understand it,
But it leaves me a wreck.

I've dived so deeply,
Into the pain that flairs.
Loss and no self worth,
Are all that really exist there.

A deep lack of trust,
In the goodness I deserve.
Evades my eveything,
At every twist and every turn.

I'm trying to figure out,
This oldest of old stress.
But I've run from much I want.
While I'm trying my best.

So I've reached on out,
To good old therapy.
Maybe someone else,
Can find, what I don't seem to see.
Rob K Aug 2020
No where to run and no where to hide.
The feelings I have overwhelm inside...

A mess of memories and a mess of mind.
A battered heart that wants to be kind...

Too much take and no way to show.
That the way I feel overpowers my soul...

So taking a breath with quivering sides.
I'll try my best...  Not to run away this time...
Aug 2020 · 25
Passing Love
Rob K Aug 2020
Your days, have been filled,
With hardships, too alone.
Your fear of being left,
Has worn you... To the bone.

You find yourself in moments,
Struggling just to breathe.
Not a simple breath of air,
But a breath, of thoughts reprieve.

And though you're well aware,
Of many struggling, next to vacant phone.
You're struggles not unique.
But you uniquely feel alone.

Close your eyes....

And please imagine this.
When you're feeling through the dark.
A soft touch within your chest
While I cradle your broken heart.

For from me, feel a breeze,
Loosen from my lips.
Softly, across your hearts ember,
Bringing warmth, back to your breast.

My breath, I give to you.
From my heart to your mind.
Through your soul, I do blow,
So a peace, you can divine.

Remember this is love,
From one creature to another.
Freely is it given,
To simply help you, recover.
Feel better. <3
You're not as alone as you think.
Aug 2020 · 50
Aramis The Poet
Rob K Aug 2020
In a way, I feel like him,
The musketeer, Aramis.
A man, spreading love,
And peace, from his breast.

A soul full of joy,
But blemished by wicked's touch.
Repenting for him and others.
Praying near, a simple blush.

A tongue made of silver,
And well aware who it can slay.
But this strength behind his lips,
Is part of him, in every way.

I sometimes find myself in wonder,
Would he forsaken if he could...
His words of utter sweetness,
So the rest of him, is all that stood.
Aug 2020 · 34
Rob K Aug 2020

Oh my God...  You...

You, make me feel,
Like God placed inside of me.
Both the heaven and the earth.
And the galaxies in-between.

For, when I see you...
I feel the Milkyway and it's swirls.
Every sun tries to match you,
And the constellations, they unfurl.

The big and little dipper,
They swirl inside my space...
But they're no match for how I'm moved,
When a blushing grin, touches your face.

I can't recall when last,
My beaming love was this bright.
Chasing away darkness...
From every corner of the night.

And regardless where I go...
Or should I find you there.
My heart will forever hold you,
Keeping your presence always near.

So please...  Oh shiny thing...
Forever warm those on which you shine.

Fools, they may call us.
But that's okay...  That's just fine..
Aug 2020 · 36
Rob K Aug 2020
Do you sleep,
With your inner eye wide open,
And your inner voice...
Locked, in a silent scream?

That's probably...
Why I don't dream...
Aug 2020 · 31
Mirror Mirror This
Rob K Aug 2020
Magic mirror on the wall...
Who's the fairest of them all?



Mirror mirror on the wall,
Get your *** comfy,
For I've got questions,
And you'll answer them all.

When the **** did a heart become weak?
Why was it made fragile?
Why breaking it, is it something people seek?

When did hope, of the good deep within,
Become a joke,
To hide angers sin?

Why the ****, can't people agree?
First we need love,
To let hate finally be?

And when did we suddenly,
Become such self centered *****?
Everyone depressed,
Moaning about they're selfish heart clots?

When did we become,
5 second helpers.
Click, "I donated!"
"Back to my own ugly shelter!"

And mirror oh mirror,
I could go, oh so long.
But hide your *** now.
For truth is buried with a gun.
Aug 2020 · 44
We Little Marbles
Rob K Aug 2020
Drop a marble,
Down swirling hole.

And follow it all the ways.

Twists and turns,
Which way is up?
This is how, we spend, our days.
Aug 2020 · 30
Riding 2020
Rob K Aug 2020
I'm stuck on this ride,
Can someone let me off?
I didn't even want on...
Cough cough.. cough cough...
Aug 2020 · 65
Oath to Demons
Rob K Aug 2020
My demons, it's time to rest.
For you've had, one hell of a fest.

For sins, that I did not make.
My soul, you surely did break.

You've cost me so much I've held dear.
By stabbing my love with twisted spear.

And I'll pay for what you whispered in my ear...
Beyond death, such is my fear...

So demons, it's time to rest.
Although, I surely tried my best.
All my goodness, emptied from my chest.
And it's time... We finish this mess.

In hell, prepare for my vengeance.

Like my cries for help...

You'll get no acceptance.
Aug 2020 · 23
Best Intentions
Rob K Aug 2020
What is the line,
Between good intentions and control.
Between being sensitive to others,
Or if it's somethings best let go?

Some of the vilest of us,
Had intentions good enough,
For a world that they loved,
But how they loved was too rough.

So while I get, and I do,
My efforts may offend you.
Intentionally hurt no one will I,
As forever do I try...
Aug 2020 · 32
Trying To Heal
Rob K Aug 2020
Wipe blood off of my hands,
Pick up the needle.
And find a spool, full, of thread.

Pierce the eye,
From either side.
So I can begin, mending my head.

In and out,
Pass the string.
While catching memories with meaning.

It's just the start,
Next is my heart.
Laying in a pool of lost time,
On my bed.
Aug 2020 · 33
Inner Home
Rob K Aug 2020
A foundation, of stone and of iron.
Walls, of steel three foot deep.

A slotted door,
Guarded by more,

Shelter what others might seek.

Surrounded by trees, that weep.

Imposing, this but a cottage it stands.

Forged by time
By sweat and blood covered hands

It rests on a swamp of quicksand.
Aug 2020 · 37
Check Please
Rob K Aug 2020
"Check please."


"Yes I'm done, a check if you please."

"But sir,
You've still got
Orders and tasks and moments to squeeze"

"Moments of dessert?"

"Yes indeed,
But some are quite ****."

"Ah, no thank you.
My meal was bitter from the start."

"Not to your liking?"

"Mmm.  Some sides were quite nice.
Some sugar, some butter,
And I loved all the spice.

But the main course my friend,
Was tough and not fair.

I was really seeking tenderness,
But instead I got hair."

"We make no apologies,
For that which we cook.

We're all that was open,
And our chefs never read a cook book."

"Yes yes that's all well and good.
It took me a while,
But I eventually realized where I stood.

Not in an establishment,
That I would have chose.
But rather a sewer,
Never sprayed with a hose."

"No need to be rude,
This is just how things are.
Your comments and thoughts,
Have now gone too far"

Now my friend,
I really just wish to go.

My nose is all runny,
With no tissue to blow.

My stomach's in knots,
My heart burns full of acid.
I'm rather quite flush,
From some growing form of gases.

So check if you please,
I'd like to leave this place."

"Get your check your **** self,
It's only you, you must face."

"Good day..."

"Good day to you as well."
Aug 2020 · 24
Dream Spoilage Date
Rob K Aug 2020
How long is a dream,
Worth holding on to?

When years,
All pass right by you.

How long is a pain,
Of going without,
Worth a journey,
That may never work out.

And how do you fill,
The void if let go...
Of the dream and goal,
Are what kept you whole...

How long is a dream,
Worth holding on to?

If dreaming said dream,
Leaves your heart split in two?


That dream is true love,
One size for one pair.

But love just like this,
Doesn't come...

From simply.... anywhere...

So before you cast thought,
On what one should do...

I've had broken heart,
Of missing this dream,
From 1.. plus 42...
Aug 2020 · 46
Meditation time...
Rob K Aug 2020
Once again, I must meditate.
For my life and soul,
My mind and heart,
Pondering my very own fate.

For if I can't set myself free
Self destruction, surely awaits me.

So like a swan, it's time to dive,
And find a key, to the pain locked inside.

Again, I must meditate,
For I know, what's really at stake.
Aug 2020 · 30
Angel Birthing A God
Rob K Aug 2020
At moments in life I have come...
In the same space,
As one made, from bits, of the sun.

And in their, presence, I'm surely stunned
Like an angelic Medusa,
I'm left frozen, while not wanting to run.

But as a statue, I've lost all that's fun...
And she's gone, like a shot,
From an abruptly fired gun...

Yet I've awakened to an answer at last...
For with an angel,
Frozen fear, can be a thing of the past.

For if this angel could wait just a bit.
Sip some tea, have a cookie,
And simply have a little sit.

Whisper friendly words in my ear.
Little droplets would form,
As she'd be melting my fear.

And to dance, we both can take.

Run in circles, laugh out loud,
Stone skin falls away with laughing,
And the belly it shakes.

And in me she could watch the seed grow.

Made of lustful storms,
Loving dreams,
A river to her heart in full flow.

And through the torture of new life in bloom,
She'd see me struggle with desire,
To be lock away in her womb...

But water me, with her blessed grace...

Watch those dreams and the hope,
Crumble away to replace.

The raging tides found in me.
Once frozen, the water that was,
Originally freezing solid my feet.

And in me... She'd find a calm sea.
With a glowing little seed,
Deep below where the sea monsters should be.

And then...  Dive into me.
Go deep.  Hold on.  
The pressure can get so frightening.

And kiss... This little seed.
Hold it tight, here it goes,
From you births a godling.

And join with an ocean that explodes.

**** the kraken and Posideon,
To this, those guys are side shows.

For you...  Have birthed a God.
All it's might, all it's fury,
All the love.
Leaving the world feeling awed.

And to you, a blanket of stars.
A chariot pulled by constellations,
Just to hear you laugh, circling Mars.

All... Just... because...

The patience you did take.
Whole universes will now,
Forever be born from your wake

An Angel... birthing... a god...


It's fantasy...

You're an angel, and I'm awed...
I probably need to proof and tweak this more.  Just a little fantasy...
Jul 2020 · 61
Mountainside Tears
Rob K Jul 2020
My mind is a mountainside ocean,
Swirling with the currents of life.

Feeling the way of the currents.
With dreams of dancing,
Through fallen, shafts of light.

The world seems this very mountain,
And the lava, the people within.
Constantly sputtering their danger.
Brimming, to spill out their sin.

Long has this mountain been feeble.
And oozing of lava persists.
Yet with no where to go but dissipation,
On this hellish world, I stay, wind insists.

I'm tired of hearing their selfish whispers,
Only through them, will change ever occur.
So for now, hells water just sputters,
And through me, it's oozing always burns.
Rob K Jul 2020
I read the words of a hero.
Listen to the speech of a borderline saint.

But I'm to hurt to feel their intentions.
By the world, it's people, and their taint.
Overloaded by all the negativity, so much so, that inspiration sends me spiraling into depression as the possibilities for attainment are null...
Jul 2020 · 57
A Wish To Be Selfish
Rob K Jul 2020
I dream wistfully of the day
I meet that special someone
That makes me yearn for myself

That I let myself be selfish
And leave the world and it's wants
To gather dust, on a shelf...
Jul 2020 · 46
Force It... In Depth
Rob K Jul 2020
Force the spike, into the ground,
Watch the soil give way.
You may stand up your tent tonight,
But earth itself gave way.

Force the door, as it is stuck,
To open on your command.
Today perhaps no damage is shown,
But in time, the scars will stand.

To force a thing,
Is to break,
That which you push,
For your own sake

So push and pull,
Stomp and shout.
You loved it once,
But it's broken now.
Random thoughts on the power of force
Jun 2020 · 29
Something to Cherish
Rob K Jun 2020
It's amazing, to find,
Someone who loves you.
Who genuinely cares, for you in body and soul.

Someone who'll help,
And share your great burden,
When you're broken, but still have arms, so very full.
Thinking of my mother and how she's helping me get through an amazingly hard time.
Jun 2020 · 67
20 Years...
Rob K Jun 2020
4 boxes, a bike
1 bedroom set for the night.
A snowboard all cracked,
But filled with memories from far back.
A TV and computer
And my desk for the future

Are all that I'm taking with me...

How small, 20 years, turned out to be...
Rough marriage, divorce, and what little all my worldly possessions turned out to be... Hm...
Jun 2020 · 24
Black Hole Change
Rob K Jun 2020
43 muscles,
Ache through my skin.
From swollen red eyes,
To a quivering chin.

Winds of change,
Rake across my face.
Stealing my breath,
Faster than the void of space.

All that I love,
Drifted to a black hole and ****** away.
One by one I watch vanish,
To a gravity made of that change.

But I drift on the horizon,
Not worthy as an event.
I swim towards the well,
Where everything I wanted had been sent.

Frictionless efforts,
Exhausted all that I am.
So I drift and I wait...
Until my own black hole pulls me in...
Jun 2020 · 48
Stirring Reflections
Rob K Jun 2020
Life leaves me staring.
At my coffee, as I swirl it with a spoon.
Relating to the vortex created.
Drawing sweet ingredients, down to their doom.

A stir meant to bring things together.
Unifying it all to my taste.
Yet now I sit here and I wonder.
Was the effort all just a waste.

Those lines sound fine together.
But I realize, that they are misleading.
I never even really liked coffee.
It just somehow became necessary.

I guess that's how my story goes.
From one unchosen situation to the next.
Until one rings true of purpose.
I'll stir carefully, to avoid another mess.
Jun 2020 · 112
Rob K Jun 2020
I miss being who I never was....
Apr 2020 · 54
Nice Guy
Rob K Apr 2020
So much pain
So much sadness
So much angers
So much madness

Really...  I'm just a nice guy...

I smile, lifting hardship
And meet sorrows with a sigh.

If your down,
Find in me,
Jokes with silly laughter,
With warm hugs to be found.

But lately I do rage,
Shedding goals of going Sage.
Ditching wisdom, ditching life
Burning my story, every page.

I feel anger, crushing bone
Taking joy out to be ******
Stomping the best of memories
Sharpening my teeth, so they're honed.

And I get it, And i know.
That this story isn't whole.
As you read this from afar,
I scream these words, from my soul.

Honest, I'm just a nice guy.

Just to myself I cannot sigh.

No jokes to be made.

As I'm the only listening slave

A slave, with a dimming light

That fills my eyes with hating life.

Just wanted to be a nice guy...

And today...

I'm just wondering why?
Mar 2020 · 52
Random thoughts
Rob K Mar 2020
Take the mirror,
Press as hard as you can.
Watch the cracks form,
And begin to transcend.

Realize that the fragments,
Are your complexities brought to light.
Now pull back your sore hand,
And give up the fight.

Let the reflections,
Spin as they fall.
To show how they blur,
When you're struggling with them all.

Wrap up your hand.
Staunch the blood flow.
Or let it run freely.
But decide where to go.

You don't need to hold,
A single broken shard.
You can **** yourself simply,
By trying too hard.

But take a moment,
Think on where you belong.
Figure your **** out,
No moment lasts all that long...
Mar 2020 · 51
A Wish To Endurance
Rob K Mar 2020
It's not the first time,
It all got too much.
Straws, little weights,
Camels spitting, wicked dares not to touch.

Like little log houses,
Not designed for things grand.
Yet built with a whole forest,
A families, last stand.

And much like a dandelion,
Over crowded with seed.
The slights breeze tears apart,
What was held tight by births need.

So does this man,
Yield at far too much.
But somehow grips tightly.
His dreams held in a clutch.

In the end it's left to nature...
All things come with a peak.
No matter how strong,
Havock still finds, its own way wreak.

I guess the reality,
Is nothing's immune to change.
It's the way of death and of newness...
It's equivalent exchange.

But I pity those pieces,
Caught in the middle of this storm.
Even if flames bear fruit,
From the soil, is it torn.

So again I spit,
My walls creak under the weight.
I pray for the fruit,
Which I did help make.

And the earth that endures,
Or was simply consumed whole.
I wish you some time,
And rest for your soul.
Feb 2020 · 55
True Vengeance
Rob K Feb 2020
Be at peace.
Inhale and be calm.
Weather the treacherous.
Storm they come on.

Carry your grace.
With each blow that they make.
Smile even though.
All your teeth do they break.

Because whether you walk out.
Or crawl through your own blood.
They will regret their loss some day.
And drown... In sorrows flood.
Feb 2020 · 59
Magnetic Disposition
Rob K Feb 2020
I don't know how to live,
A life at the poles,
Of my magnetically charged world,
Where things always push and they pull.

One would think I could figure,
Which way I should face.
So always I could be with,
Ones I love in embrace.

But for some odd reason,
My particles are oddly charged.
They push me from love,
And attract mostly harm.

If only one day,
I could super heat my own self.
Beat away this sorted chaos.
And rest forgotten on a shelf.
Feb 2020 · 51
Companionship Voyeur
Rob K Feb 2020
It's weird to be around,
Those truly close.
I've been so far separated,
From everyone I know.

I see the shared smiles,
The connection that's shared.
The deep understanding,
Nevermind, you'd hafta been there.

It's so weird to be around,
Those truly close.
When you walk through your life
As little more... Than a ghost.
Feb 2020 · 49
Carrot Chasing
Rob K Feb 2020
Pinch me I'm sleeping,
Just don't expect me to wake.
I'm far... far too tired.
And long ago, did I break

For a field of carrots,
Dangle from the sky.
Hung upon strings
Of clouds floating by.

And as hard as I've run,
As long as I've chased.
Those carrots they stay ahead.
Never allowing a taste.

I've charged over cliffs,
Gone head first into stone.
And my last breath left me,
Many ages ago.

So I lay here now hurting,
Feeling nothing as well.
Perhaps it's time carrots...
Can just got to hell.
Feb 2020 · 55
Wishful Servitude
Rob K Feb 2020
Next time I'll get a dishwasher
That's what she said.
The last words she spoke
That would echo in my head

Why can't I be content
To serve and protect
Protection I got
But service, was my debt

I simply can't say
Yes ma'am, straight faced
Unless a sir she see's in me
Hand in hand, no disgrace

But sometimes I wish,
A good servant was I...
As everyone seems to love
A willing slave, that's near by.
Jan 2020 · 48
To Dream or Not To Dream
Rob K Jan 2020
When your eyes close for the night...
Do images dance in your eyes?
Glittering from all the magic.
With closed eyelids, from the world they will hide.

And like lifted into to outer space,
I imagine reflections in your eyes, remain.
Floating away from this world.
To a place, that knows no pain.

Closed still are your eyes,
But as mirrors do they show.
A journey deep, into your heart,
Of the places you will go.

Flash forward and you sit.
On top of a heavy breathed steed.
You and your fine stallion are gleaming,
From the glory of your deed.

Flash forward again and your eyes are aglow,
As dance among the fae.
Twirling and leaping from leaf to leaf,
As you dip your fingers, into the sun's warm rays.

And blink you move, but your eyelids they do not,
You're back in outer space.
Racing comets, with no meaning of distance and time,
With an excited grin, smeared upon your face.

And in a flash your back at home,
But to one you've never been.
You, holding dear sweet infant child.
As you're lover, holds your smiling chin.

Do you ever dream so sweetly...
Do you dream of fanciful things?

Or when you close your eyes at night...

Does tomorrow... Just begin?
Jan 2020 · 50
Far Away
Rob K Jan 2020
I was never a lover of distance,
At best, a sprinter I tended to be.

But divides have always been a splinter,
In catching the favorites, that I would see.

Like walking along a creek.
A frog, does my young eye spy.

But he was going 'hop hop',
From way, on the other side.

So lessons from my surroundings,
I'd make note and ponder away.

So over the creek I too did hop,
Next to my little teacher, I would stay.

But I never cared much for distance...
Some gaps were much go wide.

The distance wasn't always the problem,
Sometimes it was the tide.

Of the great sea that laid between us.
It was the season, of great swells and rain.

Still without, all of the miles,
There'd be no sea, no wind, or pain.

Though I wish to walk all the miles.
Just to come knocking at your door.

Time is the real distance...
So I must wait...  A little more.
Jan 2020 · 52
When he's the damsel...
Rob K Jan 2020
At first memory,
He saw her face smiling.
A love, far removed from his day.

His life, was coming to be trying.
A story, someone may whisper and say.

From a youth,
He spent his days guarded.
As blows, rained down like a storm.

His lonesome nights,
was his time crying.
For tomorrow, he'd also be worn.

Bad choices, I guess were his calling.
You try thinking,
With bricks raining from above.

All he's left, is feeling the thumping,
Of adrenaline...
As it trickles, out with the blood.

Yet still, mental notes he is taking.
Hoping one day,
He'll make something of all this.

Not knowing if that smile he first envisioned,
Was false hopes,
Or his own, waking kiss.
Jan 2020 · 48
Life's Lessons
Rob K Jan 2020
Life's lessons are often very trying.
Saying you've learned, is just easy lying.
Reflection, is how one goes about buying.
The hard actions, that show, you are real.
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