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Rob K Jan 24
Like a mime I reach,
And feel invisible box,
That surrounds,
My days like a haze.

Probing and seeking,
Along every crease and line.
Even standing still,
I'm stuck in a maze.

I can't find my way out,
Though I felt every path,
Every single,
90 degree turn.

I know all that's inside here,
I breath it's understating,
Which is why,
It's outside, that I yern.

But just as the mime,
I know my box isn't real.
Just some rules,
I simply can't bend.

So a rat I've become,
While standing still,
Maze locked,
And no sight of the end.
Rob K Jan 23
They say that the inner,
Child should never die.
Its a source,
Of wonder and joy.

They... also say,
To grow up and be a man.
Youth's not forever,
So say goodbye to the boy.

One brings me happiness,
One fills me with pain.
Wish they'd stop switching,
Like a gift from old Troy.
Rob K Jan 2
The back of my eyes,
Feel as they lay to rest,
On a hard table, made of oak.

Pained by the pressure,
Of their very own weight.
While in rest, do they wish to soak.

Sleepy is a term,
Often they are named.
But wide and alert, do they seem to rest.

While bearing dreams of their own,
Of being embraced by darkness,
Melting away, into sweet slumbers chest...
Rob K Dec 2018
I'm getting older,
I feel it in my soul.
A soul once believed, to already be old.

Maybe due to injuries,
Taken to my skull,
Do ancient images, in my thoughts, go cold.

It's not exactly,
Like those images are gone.
Not entirely,
Have they been lost.

Just painted right over,
With a common White Out...
At a severe,
And high of a cost.
Rob K Dec 2018
Numerous people,
Have numerous ideas,
Should the devil man actually exist.

And as to the greatest of dangers,
The greatest of threats,
That this evil, has placed in our midst.

Lately an idea,
Has whispered to me,
Inventing the word Victim...

And letting us do with it, whatever we wish.
Rob K May 2018
There once was a ray,
Of pure heaven sent light.
Speeding through the Galaxy,
With all of it's might.

Nothing in creation,
Could approach it's self made apex,
Still casual observers simplified it,
Through jealousy's self-imposed vex.

"If you've seen one,
You've surely seen them all.
Same with that blasted light,
Even if a star child it is called."

No one seems to consider,
As it happily dances.
That each glimmer it shines,
Speeds deadly dimmings advances.

Yet shine, it will continue,
As that's what it's birth was for.

Sparkling until finally fading.

Leaving those observers with shivering thoughts...

"I should have loved the warmth more..."
Rob K May 2018
Long has it been,
Since I've picked up the ink.
And drained, all of my thoughts away.

I've missed the flow of words,
The unbridled free form vent,
Returning emotions, gone too long astray.

Ready?  I think I'm not,
But a dabbler I've always been.
And dabbling, is often my favorite form of play.

So though it's been a while,
playfully I try to write.
And hopefully, I come back, another day.
Really has been too long...
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