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May 2019
Dear Ebay, Amazon, WalMart:
Looking to buy
A New Mother Earth
Trying to find one
Not ravaged by dearth
Of beauty, of health, of kindness, of mirth.
Please contact me soon
Before it's too late
I already have
Too much on my plate.
I have roadways and beaches and oceans to clean;     Insurmountable obstacles
If you know what I mean.
Politicians to woo
And humanity too
Wars to end
And more round the bend.
Babies to hold
And children to scold.
Then there's
Skinheads, Radical Right
They all put up a fight
So much to do
Feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe.
Had so many children
She didn't know what to do.
Tyrants to fight
As well as forest blight;
Including bad news
Almost every night.
Please contact me soon
By email or phone
Just whatever you do,
Don't leave me alone.
Our precious Earth and humans. What are we to do to protect all.
Written by
Sandra Lee
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