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Apr 22
Remove my clothes
Take the dirt off my bones
And place it on an altar
I wish to speak to you
In undertones of sadness
As you caress my head
We begin to make love again
For the third time today
We are dead to the world already

A pair of outsiders on a youthful escape
So we partake in ***** escapades
And swim in the ocean till we turn blue
While some are glued to the television
We are now fresh and new
Free to resume our sacred fires
And sing our songs all night beside them
Performances are frightening
So I grind my teeth at night
We are waiting for surprises
Arising like triads of consciousness
Fences are fanatically fantastic
So please keep speaking to me now
Don’t close your mouth
Like lost children we are trusted
By the tremors beneath our hearts
Your art is lost in the wind
For there is a lack of static in our souls
We must make holes first and foremost
And then make stories in order to fill them
You became a poem
We were made from music
And breath is a feeling that bridges
The magic and the mayhem sandwiched
Between our staircases and basements
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
     jul, Mary Edith and Fawn
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