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Feb 2013
An old memory came flooding back

Conversations and events replaying in my head
Loud, overlapping memories and thoughts

Being called a ****
A *****
Time after time
By those I was closest to
When i was too young to know what they even meant

Friends ignoring me
Left me
Talked about me

Having to lie everyday about what happened
Hated by the entire grade

It haunted me for years
Even now

Took me years to gain my friends back
Just to have them abandon me again

Took me years to trust again
Just to have it broken

Seeing people-my past tormentors
Walking the hallways
Completely unchanged by what they did

It's amazing how some people forget about something
While others will remember it forever

People change
But sometimes, I wish they didn't.
Sorry, it's horrible. I just had this weird flashback from 1st grade and wanted to get my emotions out. I might delete it later,I don't know.  so, yeah.
r l
Written by
r l  Boston
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