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Apr 14
Defenses broken, my heart is beating fast
Cast off these shackles and let’s die with dignity
Situations suggest necromancy and magic
I call your bluff and you fade into a panic
Saddled with guilt you ride to the edge of a forest
A leaf falls softly and you hear it's message calling you
Breathe and all will follow
Your time will surely come
For it's written on the arrow
Cartilage tears and our joints are weakened
Bones are ground to dust before she awakens
Hatred is heresy so you juggle our legacy
We undress ourselves by the stream
And drink our fill of clean water
Along the road we become like monsters
Sons to our mothers and daughters to our fathers
Let’s pretend we are not lost
And follow the sun all the way through the desert
We are the actors and we are the audience
Birds sing all of our choruses
We need have no fear as we are safe here
There is a shadow above us
The clouds protect us and give us shelter
We are held in the embrace of love
Grief is strong along the roads of the nomads
We danced and fought to the best of our ability
But we are now older and more tired than before
We must make way for our children
To lead us towards the faithful fire of tomorrow
I conspire to write visions of virtuous rainbows
And take these prisoners home to their gardens and lovers
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
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