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Apr 14
You are                                    I just want                                 You
       the eggs                                   you, that's                                make
         to my                                      all. All your                              me
         bacon.                                     flaws,                                       laugh
     I love you                                   mistakes,                                 when
     more than                                  smiles,                    ­                I'm not
       bacon.                                       giggles,                                   even in
   I have looked                               jokes,                                        the
   at you                                            teasing,          ­                         mood
   in millions of                                sarcasm.                       ­            to    
   ways and                                      Everything.             ­                smile.
   I have loved                                 I just want
   you in each.                                  you.

   You have this                               Thank                                         If  I
     incredible                                   you for                                     could
way of making my                         being                                         have
     heart happy.                               the                                          anyone
You're my spark                              reason                        ­             in the
     in the dark.                                 I smile.                                    world,
                ­                                                                 ­                       it would
You're name is my                 No amount of time                         still
   favorite word                         spent with you                           be you.
            and                                  is ever enough
You  will  forever                         because                      I promise to
   be my always.                      everything is better       make you feel
                                                     with you and                wanted, loved
You're my never ending       everything has been              and
      thought and                            better since                     needed.
   proof  that  life                                you.            ­        every single day.
        is beautiful.                                                       ­     
                                                      Jon York   2019
Jon York
Written by
Jon York  Arma, Kansas
(Arma, Kansas)   
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