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Apr 3
I'm awake and aware
But at this hour it's only fair
To assume that we are crazy
Love is waiting in our apartment complexes
Sinister judges take your collateral
And watch you fall down without their council
Pounds of chocolate offered to the gods
As if we should be honored by their presence
The heat and steam rose from the ashes
And you were ***** and unabashed
Money never gave you anything for good
Those streets were composites of our memories
And real neighborhoods are deserted like cemeteries
You swaddle the baby in ceremonial blankets
And remove the furniture from your living rooms
Return to movement innocent like a child
We are wild like the buffalo, in summer's heat
Grown men fall to their knees and beg you for your beauty
We have grown our healing herbs in buckets
And lost our minds in raging rivers
And gathered colorful flowers in vibrant fields
Amidst the most luxurious company of equals
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
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