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Mar 2019
It’s suffocating.
All engulfing.
It eats and tears away at you.
There are times where its worse than ever and times where you can tame it.
There are just certain things that can set you off,
Without you even knowing.
An ache settles into your heart and you’re clueless as to why.
How much can you endure before it’s too much?
“I don’t know.”
You never know until you do.
Contradictory maybe, but true.
Anxiety clouds your thoughts and plagues you with doubt and uncertainty.
“I’m trying.”
But is it enough?
It hurts.
You cry.
It's useless.
You rage.
You’re a bird trapped inside a cage.
Constantly beating against the bars that surround you,
The bars that are your depression,
Your trauma,
Your anxiety,
Your ever-looming fear of the unknown in this effort to get better.
“Save me.”
No one can hear your screams but you.
Try again.
Corina La-Niece Shipp
Written by
Corina La-Niece Shipp  Birmingham
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