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Mar 15
Do not shed a tear for me
For they should be saved for times of happiness
Not for times like these

I know that the time is coming
But do not shed a tear now or when it comes
Even if this maybe the last you see of me
I will always be there in spirit

Please come here so I can wipe away those tears
Tears that shouldn’t appear
For those tears will affect what I’m about to say
For these are some words that have helped me

In your darkest hour I will be there
Not to laugh at you, but to care for you
For even in our darkest hour we all need someone
Someone to help us through it

Please take this words to heart just has I have
For this helped me in my darkest hour
Please take your own advice for I will always be there
Even if you never see me I will keep an eye on you

So please stop shedding tears for me
For I want you to remember all the good times
And forget that I have left without you

I am sorry but it is time for me to go
But before I take my last breath
There is something I want you to remember
It is that I love you
Hunter Cilman
Written by
Hunter Cilman
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