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Feb 2013
A seedling tiny of good remembered still
transformed uniform in vastness wavering
roots small of succor turn trunks huge sprouting
back from joys earthy,seeking skies many above
rejoined both, re rooted in mother earth eagerly,
hands and feet merged indistinguishably stoic
in an existence pure, to one being impervious.
a sapling soft now time twisted,gnarled,knotted
to an entity unique, massive of heart fused in soul
then just a being existing simply as one ordained so
by time!

sweet birds in me sing
on me your kids swing
around me in a ring
the gods now impinge
to them maidens cling
for a nice manly thing
under my cool wing
do elders advices bring
I amidst stand like a king
impassive to everything!

*A thought in my mind as I see the ancient tree in my village."Hemmara" in my native language of Karnataka, a state in India, means literally an ancient and massive tree.Normally and in some mysterious way this invariably will be a Banyan tree in the village center which has its roots growing out of the earth and joining the branches and branches stooping down and joining the earth to become roots! Around the tree over time idols of innumerable Gods spring up,Elders convene and advise the folk,kids play and village belles flock to pray for a good husband!!
Niranjana Chelur-The Hermit
Written by
Niranjana Chelur-The Hermit  Here and There
(Here and There)   
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