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C A V Feb 2014
Do you feel like the rabbit hole has pulled you in yet?
This is when it starts to tug.
This is where your brain tumbles into oblivion
So hold hands; we all go together
C A V Mar 2013
In all the ways
I did not know you,
I know you were not unkind
Or cruel

It's unfair

You are too young to rest
Erased in spite and anger

How must it feel
Cold and bleeding
In the dark alley

Knowing death is near
No one to hold your hand
And beg breath and heartbeat
'Just a little longer, please
Help is coming'

But no help came
No one to beg you to live
Only howling wind
C A V Mar 2013
I heard a word
A chaos bursting
With stillness of voice
In glances speaking
In distance, sighing
Few miles separate
Here and home
But it is too far
I am here
C A V Feb 2013
Pages shift like water
Ink stills them

I dance in my skin
Restless movement
Of my mind

Translations of my hands
Shift in the breeze
From the never-weres
To the any-whens

One is not enough
Voice like a siren
Reeling in my head
C A V Feb 2013
Tangled breeze
Dancing up my legs
Across my shoulders

We behave
As wind

C A V Feb 2013
I do believe
That it is time
For an adventure
So I am leaving
To explore

I am leaving
Useless things
Because I do not know
Where I am going
Or if I will return

But do not be sad
I am taking with me
All the  memories

They do not
Weigh at all
C A V Feb 2013
In a round box
I keep what I loose
Goodbyes I refuse to say
Photographs and letters
A few sketches
Scribbles and notes

Constant reminders
Of where I went wrong
Everything I can't fix
Or let go
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