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Jan 24
I sit in a car
I am aimless and
Careless with my words
But I still say them with some type of

It feels like the stretch of road
Ahead of us is too short
Because I want you to

"I don't think I can stop
Yearning" I say
I convulse in my mind
Images of different takes
of life flash
But in each one
You are in them

Like rays of light
breaking through clouds
You are there
To tell me it's okay

But our journey has ended
And I open the passenger door
Feeling dissatisfied
In this horror called life

I walk to my door
Feeling neither free or heavy
But confused
Because I know that
Loneliness is waiting
To embrace me
And I want it
Because I know
When I die

One of those flashes
Where I sit in that car
With you
Is when I'll truly find
If you wanna hear me read it:
Written by
Javanne  23/M/London
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